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When it comes to the high-end 17-floor buffer, Elerein is the first place to come. We offer vast models for this product to match your project requirements. Elerein is your trusted 17-floor buffer manufacturer and supplier.

  • Ten famous designers, 18 warehouses to store your order
  • Owns after-sale stations from different countries
  • 32 years of manufacturing experience

Custom 17-Floor Buffer from Elerein

Elerein is a leading manufacturer and supplier of 17-floor buffer that is a durable machine made from high-quality materials. It has an adjustable handle and a lock-out switch for safety and to make the machine easy to use. The 17-floor buffer is ideal for scrubbing and stripping applications on both outdoor and interior floors.

We manufactured a 17-floor buffer that has a low speed of 175rpm or more and a planetary gear drive. At Elerein we can offer a one-stop solution of a 17-floor buffer solution. We also provide customized 17-floor buffers of different sizes, colors, motors, and designed to meet your specific needs.

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Why Choose 17-Floor Buffer from Elerein


We manufactured a 17-floor buffer that is made from high-end all metal to ensure durability and can give a long-life service.  It is ideal for stripping and scrubbing hard floors.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

The 17-floor buffer is very easy to use and anyone could use it precisely without hesitations.  It is designed to meet the demand requirement for different industries.

High Performance
High Performance

Our 17-floor buffer is powered by dual high torque for easy starting up and to give high performance when using it. It has a triple planetary drive system.

Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty

The 17-floor buffer Elerein is a heavy-duty machine that is perfect for sanding in concrete preparations to deep scrubbing, stripping, or shampooing every cleaning.

17-Floor Buffer Features

Elerein is your trusted 17-floor buffer supplier in China. It is our best-selling cleaning equipment that offers excellent features with many purposes. Below are the top features of our 17-floor buffers:

  • metal chassis
  • steel triple planetary transmission
  • high-torque dual-capacitor motor

Elerein 17-floor buffers are UL listed and high-torque rated, allowing you to operate with any applications from low-speed polishing/buffing to scrubbing, stripping, and even carpet bonneting.

17-Floor Buffer Features
Advantages of 17-Floor Buffer

Advantages of 17-Floor Buffer

  • Dependable Operation: It has a heavy-duty motor and chrome-plated steel skirt that offers service year after year.
  • Safety Lock-Out: It prevents accidental starts.
  • Dual Speed (DS) model: It makes them versatile for polishing and carpet bonnet cleaning.

No wonder, Elerein is the right place to come when you need reliable 17-inch floor buffers for your project. We are the only company that fulfills your satisfaction and needs.

Here in Elerein, a custom design of a 17-inch floor buffer is always welcome. Just send us your requirements, drawings, or layout, and let our skilled engineers handle your project’s requirements. Elerein is your best 17-inch floor buffer manufacturer and supplier in China.

If you’re unsure of the right floor buffer for your cleaning needs, please do not hesitate to drop your message with us! We have different models of 17-inch floor buffer to offer at the most competitive prices.

Why Choose Elerein As Your 17 Floor Buffer Manufcaturer

Why Choose Elerein As Your 17 Floor Buffer Manufcaturer
Why Choose Elerein As Your 17 Floor Buffer Manufcaturer

Elerein is an expert 17-inch floor buffer manufacturer with 32 years of experience. For how many years in the industry, our company has built 3000+ sales points in China. Our floor cleaning equipment, such as a 17-inch floor buffer, is well-known in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In China, Elerein is a leader in the floor cleaning equipment industry. We hold 18 warehouses, 60+ advanced production lines, and ten sets of testing machines, along with our 100+ technicians, ten famous designers, and 1100 skilled workers.

Our capabilities allow us to produce your ideal 17-inch floor buffer at competitive prices, high-quality, and on-time delivery. Besides 17-inch floor buffer, Elerein is also good in all floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, dustbins, cleaning carts, floor polishers, and other cleaning equipment.

Factory View

Floor Scrubber factory

Elerein – Your Reliable 17-Floor Buffer Supplier

For a powerful, durable 17-inch  floor buffer in an economical package, always choose Elerein! We manufacture our products with precision-balanced for maneuverability and easy operation.

Our well-built machine, 17-floor buffer, can accommodate all of your professional cleaning needs. They are all meet and exceed many international quality standards with can guarantee 24 monthly warranty.

If you’re looking for cleaning machines that are useful on carpeting and hard floor surfaces, then Elerein 17-floor buffer is what you need. You can guarantee that our products have qualities that meet all your needs.

Elerein serves different floor buffers for your business and project. We have a 17-inch floor buffer, 13-inch floor buffer, and 175 rpm floor buffer to complete your needs.

  • 100% full inspection before shipping
  • Meets and exceeds many industry standards
  • Over three decades of production experience
  • Offers two years warranty on all cleaning equipment
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