20-Inch Floor Scrubber

20 Inch Floor Scrubber

Elerein has expert manufacturer teams and high-technology equipment to ensure the high-performance of our offered 20-inch floor scrubber. We have been manufacturing such beneficial machines for more than 30 years.

  • Provides home visit and video guide service
  • Offers 24 months warranty for 20-inch floor scrubber
  • Operates 15 days of delivery

Elerein 20 Inch Floor Scrubber

Elerein manufactures 20-inch floor scrubbers that are widely used for effective cleaning of high traffic areas. You can use it for cleaning education institutions, retail establishments, office buildings, and more. With its ergonomic design, you can assure that these scrubbers are comfortable to use. It also has user-friendly design for ease of use. We also designed the machine with pad-assist motor for adjustable pressure levels.

Guaranteed that its accessories such as brushes, squeegee blades, and pads are accessible for maintenance. With Elerein 20-inch floor scrubbers, you can save time and money for your cleaning project. As a professional manufacturer, we assure that these machines have optimal features including non-marking bumper, easy mounting, 2.5 hours battery run time, and more. We guarantee well-packaging so it cannot be damaged when transported. You can assure fast delivery, competitive rates, and excellent after-sales services.

Why Choose Elerein 20-Inch Floor Scrubbers

Can be pushed easily. We designed these scrubbers with light steering wheels for easy maneuver. It also has easy-to-push handle for movement freedom.

Adjustable speed. The speed of the machine is adjustable to suit your cleaning requirements.

Lessen your cleaning cost. You can guarantee that our machines can save cleaning detergent than traditional cleaning process.

Professional cleaning. By using our 20-inch floor scrubbers, you can assure that it can improve floor glossiness.

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