battery floor scrubber

Battery Floor Scrubber

Elerein Battery Floor Scrubber

Battery floor scrubber is a type of electric scrubber-dryer that uses energy storage technologies known as traction battery systems. In the professional markets, there are numerous scrubber-dryer models that can be classified according to size, drive system, or other technical features and quality measures.

Elereine designed a battery floor scrubber to ensure simple handling for the operator and easy maintenance. They are optimized to provide long-term autonomy, with the battery pack sized to provide the best balance of performance, cost, and ease of use. When you are in need of battery floor scrubbers, trust Elerein services.

Battery Floor Scrubber

This is a battery powered tool used for cleaning floors by scrubbing and drying in an automated system. It provides a combination of vacuum cleaning and cleaning solution.

Energy is stored for long hours by the traction batteries for about 2 to 3 hours. This type of floor scrubber can be used in both small and big spaces. In most cases, they are known to be used in big commercial spaces like shopping centers and warehouses.

Floor Scrubber with Battery
Floor Scrubber with Battery

There are various types of battery-powered scrubbers:

  • Small battery powered floor scrubber that is used to access tight spaces where the other big machine cannot access
  • Walk behind battery powered scrubber
  • Ride on battery-powered scrubber

Benefits of Battery Floor Scrubber

Automatic Floor Cleaning Equipment

Battery floor scrubber machine is automatic making the cleaning job effortless while moving on the work floor. These floor scrubber machines come with a squeegee at the back that cleans and controls water on the scrubbed surface.

This squeegee has two blades. The first one receives water in a controlled manner from the blade. At the same time, the second one is a drying blade. It keeps the surface dry as much as possible. Squeegee blades can be replaced without tools and more effort.


Floor Scrubber Squeegee
Floor Scrubber Squeegee

Available in Different Sizes

It comes in different sizes from smaller, medium to large. They all come with solution and recovery tanks depending on the size of the particular brand model. It easily makes the cleaning process faster. You can use it for a long time before refilling the water.

With Battery, It Still Guarantees Sufficient Cleaning Power

Battery floor scrubber has enough power when it comes to the speed of brush rotation which is approximately 200 revolutions per minute. This helps to finish cleaning a large area fast.

Portability when Cleaning Floors

A battery floor scrubber has no restriction to moving around. The stored energy in them provides power to clean big surfaces independently. You don’t need a power cord connection.

Offers On-board Instion for Flexibility

A battery charger come installed on the machine to be connected to any power source when needed. This onboard installation minimizes walking around with charger cables everywhere and even misplacing them.

The battery charger installed can be plugged in at any 120V outlet that is available around. After charging, the battery can store its power.

Limitations of a Battery Floor Scrubber

Battery Floor Scrubber
Battery Floor Scrubber
  • Battery floor scrubber requires not only good maintenance but also it should be done frequently.
  • The batteries in the machine make it heavy allowing difficulty in transportation when carrying it.
  • Charging time is needed in between floor cleaning job that goes on for longer hours.

How Battery Operated Floor Scrubber Works

First, the machine is charged. You should check whether the charging indicators show that the batteries are fully charged.

If the batteries are discharged, the light indicators turn off from right to left to protect the batteries from total discharge. The battery floor scrubber automatically switches off when the indicators start to blink.

There is an indication of an hour meter for recording the total time the machine has been operating. Use it to determine when maintenance is due. There is a circuit breaker protecting the machine from an electrical overload.

When the battery is charging, the electrons move through the cathode to anode electrical terminals to increase potential energy. This energy is later converted to electricity in the circuit to be stored and later power the floor scrubber engine. The scrubber is connected to the motor which converts electric energy to mechanical. That helps the scrub holder to rotate around as it scrubs the floor.

It works by pressing down on the scrub holder lifting peddle then moving the handle to the left. It lowers the scrub holder in a position that is parallel to the ground. Also, the same applies to the squeegee. Lowering the squeegee handle, it presses the squeegee on the floor. At the same time, it turns the vacuum fun.

As the machine progresses forward, it sprinkles the cleaning solution.

The rotating brush uses the cleaning solution to scrub stains and dirt as the squeegee wipes out the dirty solution from the floor when moving forward.

The scrub vacuum fun draws the dirty solution collected by the squeegee and deposits it into the recovery tank. A key switch is used to turn the power machine on and off

Types of Floor Scrubber Batteries

Types of Batteries for Floor Scrubber Machine
Types of Batteries for Floor Scrubber Machine

Lithium Batteries

  • Formed when lithium ions move between the two electrodes then they are assembled to form a lithium battery
  • They are lighter compared to other batteries
  • The charge fast making it a good option for a quick cleaning job
  • Danger when exposed to air because it can cause fire
  • An expensive battery option

GEL Batteries

  • Known as Gelled acid. It is the combination of silica fumes added to sulfuric acid that stays in a colloidal state. It fills in between the membrane making the sulfuric acid to be covered by the gel in a way it seals the battery. During charging, they internally mix hydrogen and oxygen which makes the gel battery stay without maintenance.
  • GEL batteries are also quick to charge. Wasting of time reduces during floor scrubbing when cleaning a large surface that may need charging in between the operation
  • GEL batteries do not require maintenance

AGM Batteries

  • AMG Batteries are formed when acid is absorbed into a glass mat that is held through capillary action. It makes the battery to be non-harmful with a minimum chance of explosion
  • This type of battery does not require maintenance to function so keeping it fully charged after use will increase the battery life span

Lead Acid Batteries

  • Simply made by placing the lead electrodes into a sulfuric acid electrolyte
  • Lead Acid Batteries are the less expensive batteries that can be used by a floor scrubber machine. This allows many people to afford it as a cheaper alternative than the other batteries.
  • Although they are long-lasting, frequent maintenance is always an issue. Monitoring of water level in the battery is the key to keeping it functioning for a long time.

Recommended Floor Scrubber Battery Rating

You may consider these options:

6volt Floor Scrubber Batteries

It has the following features:

  • Can last long with good maintenance for a period of about 4 to 6 years
  • Capability to be stored for a longer time without charging
  • They weigh less weight than the 12v battery
  • 6volt floor scrubber battery has a larger capacity

12volt Floor Scrubber Batteries

They are lead acid batteries

The electrolyte is made of two liquid mixtures. 37 % sulfuric acid and the rest is water.

It has the following feature:

  • Advanced electrolyte reactions like reducing spillover.
  • Considered durable by having a lead alloy with low calcium.
  • The battery cases, it has similar materials for shock protection.

Remember, there are other battery-powered floor scrubbing machines with different ratings.

How long do Floor Scrubber Batteries Last

It can take between 2 and 5 years depending on quality alongside maintenance procedure.

Also, for a single charge, they may last between 2 and 3 hours.

Battery Floor Scrubber Maintenance

  • Charging of floor scrubber batteries should be done when there is a complete loss of energy in the batteries. Also, they should be allowed to cool for about 3 hours before use.
  • The battery should be charged immediately after use.
  • Before taking your floor scrubber for storage, it should be fully charged to avoid battery freezing which shortens the life span.
  • Replace battery connections if they are worn out.
  • Frequently check the battery terminals if they are loose.
  • Checking electrolyte levels in lead acid batteries to always make sure it stays over the top most part of the lead plate
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual after purchasing a battery floor scrubber.
  • Checking the scrubbing brush and squeegee blade. If the brush or pad and squeegee are worn out they need to be replaced for a better cleaning outcome. Squeegee blade usually uses one side to wipe the floor so if it is worn out you can change to the other opposite side.
  • You should empty the recovery tank, solution tank and clean the screen. Clean the recovery tank after use and leave it open to dry up. Additionally, the solution tank and removing solution filler are to be cleaned with clean water.

Best Battery Operated Floor Scrubber

Battery Floor Scrubbing Machine
Battery Floor Scrubbing Machine

Choosing the right battery floor scrubber is an important aspect to get good floor cleaning results. This will enable you to get continuous proper service for a long period. Consider the following:

  • Machine size- the size of the machine will depend on the floor size you will be working on.
  • Tank capacity –a good tank size will limit the emptying and refilling every time during working
  • Type of battery the floor scrubber will be using- selecting a battery that you are capable to maintain
  • Easy to operate
  • Scrubbing pressure adjustment if they are available or not.
  • Amount of noise produced when operating.
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