battery floor sweeper

Battery Floor Sweeper

Elerein Battery Floor Sweeper

Battery floor sweeper is a battery-powered sweeper that provides excellent cleaning performance on any type of floor and with any kind of dirt. It comes in different battery options, you can choose from lead-acid, lithium, AGM, and gel. The sweeper guaranteed long-lasting battery life and greater sweep performance.

Elerein battery floor sweepers are built for ease of use and low maintenance, with quick access to battery compartments. We are your first choice when it comes to advanced cleaning equipment. We manufacture battery floor sweepers from 98% raw materials. At the same time, all devices undergo full inspection to guarantee 99.9% quality. For your custom needs, please message us.

Battery Floor Sweeper

Battery floor sweeper is a wheeled cleaning machine that is powered by battery stored energy to operate. It entails rotating brushes that clear and collect debris from the floor surface while it moves around. Using battery power, it allows easy accessibility to spaces that don’t have power output like outside a building.

Benefits of Battery Floor Sweeper

  • Battery floor sweeper is very efficient and fast when cleaning because it is cordless. This makes the machine operate in any space without limitation of a cord.
  • Eco friendly as they do not emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere while working.
  • Battery floor sweepers produce less noise making it a best option when working in environment that require silence like libraries.
  • It is safer to work with battery powered sweeper because there is no threat of tripping to a cord that may have electricity flow in them.
  • Less costly to maintain a battery powered floor sweeper as they can be recharged and save electricity cost.

Parts of a Battery Powered Floor Sweeper

Parts of Battery Floor Sweeper
Parts of Battery Floor Sweeper

Charging port

Battery floor sweeping machine comes with a charging port that is connected to the power for it to recharge after using the stored energy in them.


Battery is the most important component in this machine for it work. After being charged, it has stored energy that powers the machine to perform its function.


This machine has different brushes that are used to clean the floor. They usually rotate in order to clear all the dirt on the floor at the same time collecting it from the floor.


This is a plastic container laced below the machine that dirt is stored into while sweeping before it is disposed.


Wheels provide stability for the machine and withstand the weight enabling it to move around easily.


Motor is an important feature because it helps by converting electrical energy from the battery to mechanical energy that turns the brushes around.

How Battery Floor Sweeper Works

Battery floor sweeper when turned on, the battery provides the power that drives the motor which uses the power to rotate the brushes.

The rotation motion happens when there is an interaction between a magnetic field and rotating coil of wire directed by the motor.

Remember, the battery floor sweeper can only function after the battery is fully charged to allow a continuous work flow.

Usually, this machine is controlled by an operator whose work is to adjust settings of the machine to the required positions for cleaning. The brushes rotate around clearing all the dirt and debris on the floor as the machine is moving.

At the same time brushes collect dirt into a dust bin that is stored there until it is full for disposal.

Types of Floor Sweeper Batteries

Lithium Battery Floor Sweeper

This battery is the best when it comes to powering a floor sweeper. These floor sweepers can hold a charge for longer period of time, recharging fast and longer battery lifespan. This features makes it stand out from the rest.

Lithium Battery Floor Sweeper
Lithium Battery Floor Sweeper

Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid battery is made by placing the lead electrodes into sulfuric acid electrolyte

Lead acid battery is commonly used type of battery that power a floor sweeper. They are very easy to replace because it is affordable.

Lead-acid Battery
Lead-acid Battery

Sealed Battery

This is a type of battery don’t require any maintenance to function because it is sealed as the name suggests.

Nickel Cadmium

A very popular type of battery because they were mostly used in the past by this machine. Known for storing a lot of energy in them and containing cadmium chemical which are harmful to the environment.

Nickel Cadmium battery for floor sweeper
Nickel Cadmium battery for floor sweeper

How Long can Floor Sweeper Battery Last

Size of a battery always depend on the size of the floor sweeper machine. Typically, bigger batteries will have more time usage before recharging compared to the smaller batteries. Battery life span depends on many factors such as the frequency of use, type of the machine and the type of floor surface the machine is working on. A well maintained battery can last for five to 6 hours before recharging and having a period of two to three years to be replaced.

How to Choose Best Battery Operated Floor Sweeper

Battery life

Choosing a battery that will last long will also enable the machine to be powerful while cleaning.

Cleaning width

How big a machine can clean per pass will determine the amount of space and time to be taken when cleaning.

Weight of the machine

A floor sweeper should be lighter to be able to move around easily when cleaning and also when transporting it.

Type of features

Considering different added features that will increase the quality of work the floor sweeper will do without wasting time. Features like different type of advanced controls will make the work easier.


Considering a battery floor sweeper on a budget you can afford at the same time one that is offering a good value for money.

Brush type

Getting a battery floor sweeper that has the type of brushes you intend to use according to the type of floor you have.

Battery floor sweeper ratings

Ratings vary depending on specific needs of someone. However, most of them are usually based on client review on different models and according to how they experience them.

Maintaining Rechargeable Battery Floor Sweeper

  • Cleaning the brushes and filters after every cleaning work
  • Storing the battery floor sweeper when is fully charged after use to prevent battery damage.
  • The battery floor sweeper should be stored in a cool dry place to reduce formation of rust and also preventing the battery from high temperature
  • Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining that machine model.
  • Dustbin should be emptied and cleaned before storage.

For all your battery floor sweeping machine, contact Elerein now.

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