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Carpet Dryer Blower

Elerein Carpet Dryer Blower

Carpet dry blower, also known as a carpet blower, is a small machine that can be used to dry areas of your flooded property such as floorboards, carpets, wood flooring, and water-damaged structures. It is designed to dry wet carpets, pads, floors, and walls quickly.

Elerein produces carpet dry blower with lightweight, durability, and easy-to-operate features. They can be stackable as well for convenient storage. Also includes a carrying handle for easier transport. Our professionals ensure every model we supply is UL certified, and CSA STD listed. Trust us for your upcoming projects that need a carpet dry blower.

Carpet Dryer Blower

A carpet dry blower is an equipment that is used to blow air to dry carpets or wet surfaces. It is very ideal for your home especially in drying up spills or water and also in helping with air circulation.

The air circulation capabilities of carpet floor blowers help in preventing dampness and mold while keeping the room fresh.

Carpet Dryer Blower
Carpet Dryer Blower

The function of a Carpet Dryer Blower

Some of the functions of a carpet dryer blower include:

  • A carpet dryer blower is used to dry flooded rooms such as floorboards and carpets thus preventing them from damage.
  • Are ideal dehumidifiers for damp rooms.
  • Carpet dry blowers are ideal for preventing mold, and odors, and also preventing structural damage.
  • Carpet dryers are also used for ventilation and air circulation purposes.
  • Can be used in drying fresh paint on walls.
  • Large carpet dry blowers can be used in warehouses to remove dampness and also enable air circulation.
  • Carpet dryer blowers are used in construction sites to help dry concrete quickly.

Types of Carpet Dryer Blowers

Some of the carpet dryer blowers in the market include:

Commercial Carpet Dryer Blower

Commercial carpet dryer blowers are large and used for commercial purposes such as in large malls, movie theaters, and supermarkets. they are usually used for janitorial purposes to help dry hallways fast where there is high traffic.

Commercial Carpet Dryer Blower
Commercial Carpet Dryer Blower

Air Blower Carpet Dryer

The air blower carpet dryer is used purposely for air circulation and ventilation. It is ideal for preventing dampness and also prevention of molding.

Air Blower Carpet Dryer
Air Blower Carpet Dryer

Portable Blower Carpet Dryer

The portable blower carpet dryer is smaller in size and comes with a handle for easy lifting and moving of the blower. They are ideal for smaller rooms and are highly flexible in terms of setup.

Portable Blower Carpet Dryer
Portable Blower Carpet Dryer

Three Speed Carpet Dryer Blower

Three-speed carpet dryer blowers come equipped with three-speed fan options. The three speeds can be high, low, and medium. The speed of the fan determines the rate at which the air blows and also the drying rate. The higher the fan speed the faster the carpet will dry.

Electric Carpet Dryer Blower.

Electric carpet dryer blower utilizes electricity as its main source of power. It usually comes equipped with a long, flexible cable that allows you to cover a larger surface area and also adjust the blower to your desired direction.

Electric Carpet Dryer Blower
Electric Carpet Dryer Blower

Other power options for your carpet dryer blower you can get in the market include:

  • Lithium battery-powered carpet dryer blower.
  • Solar power charged battery carpet dryer blower.

How Carpet Blower Dryer Works

A carpet blower dryer is easy equipment to use while its working mechanism is not complicated. Carpet blower dryers come equipped with an electric-powered motor that rotates the fan.

The rotating effect of the fan sucks in the air and blows it out. You can adjust the carpet blower dryer fan speed depending on how fast you want your carpet to dry.

Some of the parts and components of a carpet dryer blower include:

  • Blower wheel which feeds air into the fan.
  • Foot fronts and rears to keep the carpet blower dryer sturdy.
  • The motor rotates the fan.
  • An electric cord that feeds power to the electric motor.
  • Wheels for large carpet blower dryer to help in maneuvering it.
  • Front and rear grill cover for covering the fan and air inlet respectively.
  • High-resistant plastic or steel housing.
  • Capacitor
  • Housing handle for easy handling of the carpet blower and dryer.
  • Switch plate and switch timer for easy operation of carpet blower dryer.
  • Rack handle

Factors to Determining Carpet Dryer Blower Price

Carpet Dryer Floor Blower fan Capability

Carpet dryer floor blower fan capability is determined by speed adjustments. Consider if the fan speed is adjustable. Go for a three-speed fan to have the option of controlling your carpet drying time.

Air Mover Carpet Dryer Blower HP

The horsepower of the carpet blower dryer determines the force of the air the carpet blower dryer blows on your carpet. The higher the horsepower the faster the drying rate of the carpet blower dryer.


Smaller and cheaper carper blower dryers are used for home use and light-duty drying tasks. Bigger and more expensive carpet dryers are used for commercial use such as in hospitals, malls, stadiums, and other places with high traffic.

Size, Weight, and Configurations

Larger carpet blower dryers are more expensive compared to smaller carpet blower dryers. On the other hand, 4-speed or 5-speed configured carpet blower dryers cost more compared to say, 2-speed carpet blower dryers.

Power and Quality

The prices of carpet blower dryers also range according to the power output of the carpet blower dryer and also the quality standards met.


A carpet blower dryer is an essential piece of equipment to have at home or in the office, especially during bad weather days such as rainy or snow time. It will help you to keep your spaces both dry and fresh while at the same time enhancing airflow and ventilation.

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