Commercial Carpet Dryer

Commercial Carpet Dryer

Elerein Commercial Carpet Dryer

A commercial carpet dryer is a durable device used in any restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, or warehouse. Each machine is made to completely dry a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, carpet, and hardwood after they have been cleaned. They can be utilized to dry newly shampooed carpets, circulate air, clean floors, and dry freshly painted walls. Depending on how much force is required to dry your area, each commercial carpet drier features a fan that you can adjust at different speeds. You can also alter the angle at which air is distributed from the floor dryer fan.

Carpeted floors can avoid musty, moldy odors and lessen the possibility of visitors tripping on recently scrubbed floors by using a commercial carpet dryer. They can be easily and conveniently moved because they are portable. Elerein commercial carpet dryers are ideal if you want to thoroughly clean your company but require the floors to be dry before opening for business.

Elerein specializes in developing, designing, and marketing commercial carpet dryers. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, Elerein has become famous in cleaning equipment production throughout China.

  • Always adhere to the strict quality management system
  • ISO-certified, UL-listed
  • 24/7 online support
  • Solds products to over 100 countries worldwide
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Commercial Carpet Dryer

A commercial carpet dryer also known as an air mover is a machine that has been designed for drying carpets, floors, walls, or even ceilings when there is water damage after storms, floods, etc.

Commercial Carpet Dryer
Commercial Carpet Dryer

Features of Commercial Carpet Dryers

  • Versatile to use no matter the commercial setting they are required in.
  • They come with handles which makes them portable and designed to be easy to carry around. Also, they are not heavy.
  • Energy efficient and safe for the environment.
  • Durable and will last long.
  • They come in different sizes and colors to meet various commercial needs.

How to Choose Commercial Carpet Dryers

Here are some key considerations when choosing commercial carpet dryers.

Commercial Carpet Dryer Dimensions
Commercial Carpet Dryer Dimensions

Fan Type

The type of fan the machine has is the most important to consider. Commercial carpet dryers out there come with two different fan types. So, there are those that have the centrifugal fan and those with the axial fan.

Axial fans are fans used for general purpose like ceiling fans. Centrifugal fans work in rolling motion and dries carpets quickly. However, its CFM is low compared to axial fans being run at similar power.


The CFM which represents cubic feet per minute is definitely a factor to consider. Every commercial carpet dryer has its specific cubic feet it can cover within a minute. So, when the CFM is more, it means carpets will dry faster when used. So, a machine with CFM of over 3,000 is not bad for commercial and very large space purposes.

HP or Horsepower

HP has to do with how much power the machine has. The ideal horsepower for commercial use must be a 1HP unit.

Speed Adjustments

Those machines that come with variable speed adjustment features are ideal. Sticking with the low, medium, and higher speed adjustments is never enough for commercial purposes.


Color matters a lot. That is why most of the commercial carpet drying machines out there come with bright colors like blue, red, etc. This is done to ensure they can be spotted out with ease even if an environment is dark. It also helps to reduce tripping hazards.


This feature needs to be greatly considered. Although it is not advisable or safe for commercial carpet dryers to be left unattended, the timer feature helps to save energy and ensures it stops when the time is up.


The shape of these dryers are a bit awkward. Some models are quite heavy. This is why handles are designed with them to ensure portability is achieved. Commercial carpet dryers without handles will not be easy to use.

Built-in outlets

This feature comes in handy when more than a single carpet dryer needs to be used at the same time. This in-built outlet helps the user to daisy chain these machines for convenience in use.

Noise Levels.

Commercial carpet dryers are naturally loud. However, there are models today that come with reduced noise levels. So, that should be considered greatly.

Commercial Carpet Dyers Applications

Commercial carpet dryers are used in various industries to meet various water damage restoration needs. They can be used in the following settings:

  • By cleaning and restoration firms.
  • In houses.
  • In store rooms and warehouses.
  • At hotels and resorts, etc.

In all the above settings, they are used for drying:

  • Floors (wood, tile, concrete, etc.)
  • Carpets
  • Walls
  • Ceilings, etc.

Other related machines are scrubber dryer, air mover carpet dryer, and carpet dryer blower.


With the above information, appreciating the value of these commercial carpet dryers becomes easier.

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