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Commercial Cleaning Cart

Elerein Commercial Cleaning Cart

With our broad choices of commercial cleaning carts, you can find the right one for your business or applications. These tools are simple to maintain and operate and manufactured from quality materials. It will surely exceed the toughest cleaning and building maintenance requirements in a hotel facilities, restaurants, schools, office buildings, institutions, or other commercial-sized establishments. Using this cart, it’s easy to hold, organize and transport cleaning supplies.

If you want full assistance for your commercial cleaning cart needs, Elerein from China is the best you can have. We have already worked for 32 years in providing endless services to our clients and customers all over the country. 

  • All products correspond to the international certifications
  • Value excellent trading services and continuous improvement
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Commercial Cleaning Cart

A commercial cleaning cart is a cart that stores and organizes cleaning products, supplies, trash, etc. In the cleaning and housekeeping industries, these carts are highly needed. Generally, these carts make organization of cleaning supplies easy, to keep them safe, and to stock items.

Commercial Cleaning Cart
Commercial Cleaning Cart

Some other names commercial cleaning carts are called include:

  • Janitorial carts.
  • Room attendants trolley
  • Maid’s cart, etc.

Commercial Cleaning Carts Parts

Below are some of the parts that commercial cleaning carts come with:

  • Wheels.

These carts come with wheels that are added to the back side of some carts to make sure movement is easy for users and also to ensure the whole frame is well supported.

  • Keyed lock.

These locks are operated with keys that stand out and are ideal for specific locks.

  • Broom and mop holder.

Commercial janitorial carts come designed with broom or even mop holders, integrated with frames.

  • Locking Casters.

These parts ensure that carts are kept stable in one position as cleaning goes on.

  • Canvas bag
  • Backstop.
  • Canvas bag.
  • Divided bags.
  • Caster bumpers.
  • Hook and loop fasteners.
  • Fixed shelf.
  • Tray shelf.
  • Nylon laundry bag.
  • Nylon trash bag.
  • Single-point locks.
  • Swivel casters.
  • Garbage containers.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Carts

There are different styles or types of commercial cleaning carts. They include:

Folding Carts

This type comes with frames that can be collapsed that can be used for storage when not being used.

Folding Cart
Folding Cart

Heavy-Duty Custodian Carts

Such carts come with strong supported frames to hold full buckets as well as supplies for cleaning including brooms, cleaning detergents, mops, etc.

Heavy Duty Custodian Cart
Heavy Duty Custodian Cart

Spill Response Carts

These carts come with parts to make sure the needed safety equipment are well organized and stored. First aid supplies are stored mostly in these carts.

Spill Response Cart
Spill Response Cart

Laundry Carts

Laundry carts are designed with canvas laundry bags as well as a strong frame. This is to hold bags while loading.

Laundry Cart
Laundry Cart

Commercial Cleaning Carts Features

Below are some of the features of these carts:

  • These carts are designed to be light in weight to make movement easier.
  • Some of these carts are designed to be foldable to make storage easier.
  • With locking cabinets, they come with much security and to keep supplies and items that need safeguarding.
  • They are designed to be elegant with very bright colors.
  • Can be moved easily from one place to the other.
  • Handles make maneuverability easy and gripping is smooth as well.
  • Commercial cleaning carts come with storage spaces and bags for all storage needs.
  • They are designed to last for a very long time when kept well.

Uses of Commercial Cleaning Carts

Commercial cleaning carts can be used to clean the following places:

  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Store houses, etc.

You can buy this product alongside floor scrubber or floor cleaning machine.


The need of commercial cleaning carts will continually increase in various industries. With clear understanding as to their uniqueness, it is easier to appreciate their use and value these carts more and more.

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