commercial vacuum cleaner

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Elerein Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Are you thinking about where to purchase a high-performance commercial vacuum cleaner? Elerein is the right one for you! We are here to aid you in sourcing different models and features of commercial vacuum cleaners.

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Elerein commercial vacuum cleaner is used for precision cleaning in commercial settings. A vacuum system collects dust using an operator tool such as a cleaning brush. It transfers dirt to the material receiver separator via a small diameter hose.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to withstand extensive use. It provides the excellent suction force, cleaning capacity, heavy-duty motor power, and even energy economy. All our industrial vacuum cleaner models are compliant with CE and RoHS testing. Some products are particularly tested in ATEX or CNEX for safe operation in dangerous environments.

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Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaner is highly performance cleaning machine that is large with more suction power to offer proper cleaning maintenance. It is not harmful to human health because it comes with filtration systems that perform well around human environment.

Commercial vacuum cleaner is known for its durability and will lack frequent repairs due to its ability to work in any environment condition. They are designed to perform heavy tasks

Maintaining this machine is easier because it does not have frequent failures. This makes it a good reason to invest in one to get a good cleaning outcome.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Parts of Vacuum Cleaner
Parts of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Bag

Vacuum bag is an enclosed plastic made commercial vacuum cleaner part that is used to hold debris and dirt that is vacuumed to be disposed of later.

Vacuum Wand

A vacuum wand is a long extension that is connected to the vacuum hose that is used to reach out tight spaces like inside the cabinets and under the bed.

Vacuum Hose

A flexible tube made of plastic that connects the commercial vacuum cleaner to the vacuum wand work of a vacuum hose is to connect the wand to the vacuum cleaner.


It is the heaviest part of a vacuum cleaner that power up the fans creating vacuum pressure for suction.

Internal Fan

Suction is created by internal fan when rotating it pulls air into the vacuum and directs the collected dirt to the vacuum bag as it passes through a filter.


Protecting the internal of a vacuum from solid debris that may enter and destroy. This is done by separating the big particles from the small particles.

Post Motor Filter

Used to stop small dust particles from going back to the environment through the exhaust after being sucked.

Types of vacuum cleaners for commercial use

Heavy Duty Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaner that is made to be powerful withstand the toughest cleaning jobs in high traffic zones. This type of machine is equipped with high suction power and strong motor.

Heavy-duty Vacuum Cleaner
Heavy-duty Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This type of commercial vacuum cleaner uses rechargeable battery to power the vacuum. The machine operates without a power cord until the battery goes low to allow charging to take place.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

As the name suggest upright, it stands upright when cleaning. It is a heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaner with a high suction power that is used to perform tough cleaning work like on a hard surface and carpets.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Type of commercial vacuum cleaner that does not use a bag for collection of dust and debris. Dustbin is used to hold dust and debris to be disposed later. There is a need to empty the dustbin regularly to reduce clogging of filters.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Machine that operates on high pressure steam to remove stains and dirt from a surface. Commonly used in medical facilities due to its ability to kill germs as it removes stains.

Steam Vacuum Cleaner
Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Operated Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaner that is powered by battery storage energy instead of connecting the vacuum to a power cord. The best choice when it comes to places that don’t have power outlets.

Commercial Portable Vacuum Cleaner

This is a lightweight commercial vacuum cleaner designed to be carried around in different areas when needed. Suitable when performing small tasks and accessing tight spaces.

Commercial Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Independent automatic commercial vacuum cleaner machine that uses special sensors to navigate around a place without human assist.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A commercial vacuum cleaner that performs the services in both wet and dry surfaces.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter

This is a type of vacuum cleaner that filters the smallest dust grains from the air by the help of HEPA filters.

How to Choose Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


Selecting a commercial vacuum cleaner that is designed considering the comfort of the operator will increase the vacuuming efficiency. Features like weight of the machine will determine if it is a good choice or not. Lighter machines will always be user friendly and the operator can use it for long working time.

Suction Power

In order to meet high cleaning standards, a high suctioning power commercial vacuum cleaner is required. This choice also makes the vacuum to generally work on any floor choice making work to be faster and easier.

Noise Level

Considering commercial vacuum cleaner that is less noisy for you to do the cleaning without irritating people with noise.

Filtration System

A commercial vacuum cleaner with high grade filtration will help reduce air pollution in the environment while cleaning.


If movement of the machine is required from time to time, then it is good to consider a commercial vacuum cleaner with handles or wheels for easy transportation.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner

Different types of commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to perform a different task. Considering the correct choice of commercial vacuum cleaner depending on the specific task it is going to perform. For instance, Commercial upright vacuum cleaner is considered the best to handle hard floors and generally tough tasks.

Commercial vacuum cleaner ratings

Ratings are given by independent testing organization that is usually done in a laboratory. The common ratings system done for commercial vacuum cleaner is the carpet and rug institute (CRI) system. The machine is certified with that system according to how capable it can clean carpets. The rating usually is displayed on the product packaging or the online advertisements about the commercial vacuum cleaner

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