concrete floor buffer

Concrete Floor Buffer

Elerein Concrete Floor Buffer

Elerein delivers high-performance concrete floor buffer. Cleaning, scrubbing, stripping, and buffing are just a few of the floor care treatments concrete floor buffer machines can handle. This is used for removing wax from commercial hard floors, removing light soils and dirt from regular foot traffic, and cleaning grouted floors. It achieves a shiny, smooth, uniform look, and clean commercial floors. This machine comes in various sizes, designs, colors, features, and other configurations. We can customize this machine based on your specifications.

Elerein concrete floor buffer is available in a wide range of models to complete your project requirements. Let Elerein choose the right floor cleaning equipment for you! We have been experts in the industry for over three decades.

  • Low MOQ starts from 1 pc.
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  • 60 pcs. of loading platform
  • Provides rebate systems

Concrete Floor Buffer

Concrete floor buffer is a machine used to maintain the appearance of concrete floors making them appealing and functional. Concrete floors usually have various imperfections like the excess concrete remnants on the floor so they need to be removed to make the surface clear. Using concrete floor buffer makes the concrete buffing process faster, easy and produces the best concrete floor quality effect.

Floor Buffer

Floor Buffer

Concrete Floor Buffer Components

Parts of Concrete Floor Buffing Machine

Parts of Concrete Floor Buffing Machine

The rotating pad underneath the machine is the main key to achieving a shiny and smooth concrete floor. This floor buffer machine uses a single motor to rotate the head holding the pads against the concrete floor.

This machine has a steering handle that is used to control by regulating the speed of the three rotating head that has the pad

Pads have got different grit levels, the fine grits and the coarse grit pad which are used in the buffing process to have the required degree of shininess on the concrete surface.

30 to 120-grit level pads are the coarse grits used to level uneven surfaces and remove deep scratches.

Above 150-grit level pads are fine grits that are used to polish the surface to become smooth. To archive a mirror-like effect on the concrete floor,1500 grit pads are required after polishing your surface with other grit pads.

A concrete floor buffer is powered by either propane or electricity.

Floor Buffing Pad

Floor Buffing Pad

How Floor Concrete Buffer Works

There are different levels of the concrete floor buffing process. The concrete floor should first be cleaned by removing loose dirt on the surface before the buffer runs through it.

Concrete floor buffer when turned on, the pad rotates removing any stains or dust on the concrete floor. Using the correct pad at different levels is essential to achieve more effective results.

During the start of your buffing process course pad is used to remove scratches and balance the uneven surface. A fine pad is used at the end of the buffing process to polish the surface before the concrete surface is considered ready for use.

The machine is controlled by an operator who makes sure the pads stay parallel to the concrete floor while buffing. The operator takes full control throughout the work like regulation of speed and the direction where buffing is needed.

Electric-powered Concrete Buffer vs. Propane-powered Concrete Buffer

Choosing between the two types of this machine is a major factor depending on the type of work going to be performed. The difference in power source will enable the user to know the maintenance aspects of each machine while doing the buffing.

Electric-powered Concrete Floor Buffer

Electric concrete floor buffer has the following advantages:

  • An electric-powered concrete floor buffer is easy to maintain.
  • No noise from the machine while buffing.
  • There is no emission of harmful gases hence eco-friendly.
  • Low cost to operate because electricity is cheaper than buying propane.
  • An electric-powered concrete floor buffer is easy to use and after finishing the job cleanup is not that much


  • Low when it comes to performance because it cannot work on extensive concrete buffing work effectively.
  • Expensive to purchase.
  • Electric powered concrete floor buffer is not suitable where there is no electricity around.

Propane-powered Concrete Floor Buffer

  • A propane-powered concrete floor buffer is powerful compared to the electric version making it a good choice for extensive floor buffing work.
  • Capable to work on a large surface for long hours because it does not require any connection from an external power source.
  • A propane-powered concrete floor buffer is more mobile than the electric one due to its ability to work in any place.
  • Propane-powered concrete floor buffer has more speed when working.
  • Last longer than the electric-powered concrete floor buffer.
  • Cheaper to buy than the electric floor buffer.


  • Non-environmental friendly because they emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • The cost of propane fuel is expensive resulting in high maintenance.

Recommended Maintenance Process

It is important to consider the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to use and maintain a concrete floor buffer before purchase.

These are some of the general measures one should follow for a long-lasting concrete floor buffer

  • Changing worn-out pads and replacing them with new ones
  • Any moving part should be lubricated to avoid friction.
  • Cleaning the concrete floor buffer after use.
  • After cleaning the machine should be stored in a cool dry place to avoid rusting.

If you are looking for any buffer machine for concrete floors, Elerein offers perfect solution for you.

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