Concrete Polisher

Concrete Polisher

Elerein Concrete Polisher

Concrete polishers are used for grinding and polishing floors, particularly for coating removal, concrete prep work, and concrete refurbishment. These are heavy-duty machines that create smooth and shiny floor surfaces. Retail chains, big-box stores, industrial facilities, and educational and health facilities are picking polished concrete for their floor finish because of their competitive advantage.

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Concrete Polisher Machine

A concrete polishing machine is used to smoothen uneven or rough cement surface to become conducive for use.  Usually, concrete polisher as the name suggest, it makes the surface shiny by removing dirt and coating of top layer.

Types of Concrete Polishers

Concrete Polishing Machine
Concrete Polishing Machine

Concrete polishers are categorized into three major types:

  • Hand Held concrete polisher.
  • Walk Behind concrete polisher.
  • Ride on concrete polisher.

Hand Held Concrete Polisher

Hand Held Concrete Polishing Machine
Hand Held Concrete Polishing Machine

Hand held cement floor polisher is the smallest polisher commonly used around the world. It is held by hands while polishing a surface making it easy to control and focus on a specific area for maximum detailed outcome on the surface. It is specifically used for polishing around tight spaces that other bigger polishers cannot reach. Preferred use on concrete countertops and other vertical        spaces.

Benefits of Hand Held Concrete Polishing Machine

Hand held concrete polisher have different advantages during finishing of surfaces.

  • Removal of unwanted or protruding parts of a vertical designed concrete surfaces like sculpture or columns.
  • Working on small and difficult places to access that other polishers can’t reach.
  • Other than polishing it can also be used to create marks on a surface since it can be tilted at any angle.
  • Portable due to its small size making it easy to access anywhere during construction.

Disadvantage of Hand Held Concrete Polisher

  • Time consuming when polishing on a large scale surface because of the small surface area it covers while polishing.
  • A lot of dust comes out when polishing and it does not have dust collectors which is not healthy for respiratory organs.

Walk Behind Concrete Polisher

Walk Behind Concrete Polisher
Walk Behind Concrete Polisher

Walk Behind concrete polisher comes with different sizes according to the type of machine. Someone is required to control the machine while holding it from behind as it moves and polishes the concrete. It uses either electricity or gas.

Walk Behind concrete polisher comes with different sizes according to the type of machine. Someone is required to control the machine while holding it from behind as it moves and polishes the concrete. It uses either electricity or gas.

Benefits of Walk behind Concrete Polisher

  • Applicable on a larger surface compared to hand held concrete polisher.
  • Suitable to be used domestically since the machine can pass through a door.
  • Uses less time compared to the hand held concrete polisher
  • Less effort is applied because one is only needed to control the movement of the machine which can cover a large area resulting to less labor needed.

It is worth noting that there are different types of walk behind concrete polisher ranging from that having single disk to that having four disk. The higher number of disk it increases the rotation speed hence covering a large area in one pass.

Disadvantage of Walk Behind Concrete Polisher

  • The vibration caused by the machine while polishing.
  • Regular maintenance needed for the machine to function properly.

Gas Powered Concrete Polisher vs Electric Concrete Polishing Machine

When it comes to gas powered concrete polishers, it is important to note the following:

  • Gas are reliable and last long because it is not easy for them to break down.
  • It can work anywhere and does not need a power supply to operate.
  • Diamond plates are easily changed during the polish work.
  • Require maintenance frequently compared to the electric one.
  • Emissions are produced during the process.

On the other hand, when it comes to electric concrete polishing machines, you should consider:

  • It has a tapered roller bearing making it durable for longer polishing projects.
  • Easy to control and handle.
  • No noise produced while polishing.
  • Electricity plug in is needed around the work place.
Ride on Concrete Grinder
Ride on Concrete Grinder

The most powerful machine for polishing concrete is deigned to polish the concrete while riding on it with capability to finish large areas with less time. It is used mostly on commercial flooring like warehouses showrooms, malls and airport that have traffic every mainly uses electricity as a source of energy.

Advantages of Ride on Floor Concrete Polisher

  • Takes less time on a big floor area.
  • It is quiet since it uses electric as energy.
  • The machine can be easily controlled with less effort.

Disadvantage of Ride on Floor Concrete Polishing Machine

  • Requires a source of power around for it to work

Consideration when Choosing Concrete Polishing Machine

In most instances, people tend to refer to these machines are concrete grinding machine or concrete grinder. Remember, the concept is almost the same.

Actually, by grinding the rough surface on cements floors, the concrete grinder lives a clean and shiny surface.

1. Speed of the Machine

It depends with the type of project it is going to perform. A big projects need high powered polisher to finish it quickly

2. Size of the Machine

A large polisher has more power than a small one making it finish the task very fast

3. Occupation Going to be Applied/Uses

The magnitude of the task will depend with the choice of polisher you are going to select.

4. Power Source

As a user you should be able to pick energy source that is going to favor you. Gas powered polishers can operate anywhere compared to the powered ones which requires electricity around

Components of Concrete Polishers

By design, you will find machines for polishing concrete floors share many similarities with floor scrubbing machines.

However, some unique parts in this machine include:

Diamond Polishing Head

Diamond comes with different sizes depending on the grit that is usually selected by numbers from highest to low. Grits with bigger number are known to have fine particles while small ones having rough particles.

100 to 200 grit are accompanied with large diamond size that is commonly used at the beginning of concrete polish work because of the roughness it entails, while grit above 800 have small particles with small diamond piece which is good for finishing during concrete polishing.


A concrete polisher requires the bond to provide support to the diamond by holding them in place during grinding process making the new diamond exposed to grinding without interfering it. Rough concrete surface requires a soft bond while soft concrete surface needs a hard bond. Choosing correct bond will regulate the concrete particles that are going to be polished easily.

Function of Concrete Polisher

Whichever concrete polish machine design you choose, there is a high possibility you want to perform any of these functions:

  • Leveling of concrete surface that are uneven
  • Produces aesthetic look after polishing of concrete making the surface usable
  • Used in removal of stains on the floor
  • Removal of the top layer of concrete creating a good surface for new coating for decoration purpose


In order to come up with a good concrete polishing results, curing of concrete is needed which takes about 28days. After this, you may use a concrete polishing machine to get a high quality surface finish.

Of course, this applies to new constructed concrete floors. You can also learn more on how to maintaining polished concrete floors.

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