Double Disc Scrubbing Machine

Double Disc Scrubbing Machine

Elerein Double Disc Scrubbing Machine

Elerein is a professional double disc scrubbing machine manufacturer that offers high efficiency. Our broad selection includes hand-push, walk-behind, and ride-on options. Do you need double disc floor scrubber for your warehouses, factories, or establishments? Elerein can provide one-stop solution. You can choose from petroleum fuels or rechargeable batteries operation options. Rest assured that it can provide high reliability on removing dirt, grime, and dust on various floor surfaces.

With its high-speed design and easy to use feature, you can quickly clean large commercial areas with high traffic. In addition, Elerein also designed these machines with longevity to be used for heavy-duty applications. Standard models of these scrubbers are available at Elerein. However, we also customize each machine according to your sizes, designs, colors, and more specifications. You can send us your drawings, ideas, or samples. Rest assured that we provide long-term warranty to skyrocket your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Double Disc Scrubbing Machine

Double disc scrubber is a cleaning equipment also known as a dual disc floor scrubber that has two rotating pads used to clean and maintain floors.

It is designed to offer deep thorough cleaning of a floor with the simultaneously movement of pads or brushes. This type of machine is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings where regular cleaning is required on daily basis.

Double Disc Scrubbing Machine
Double Disc Scrubbing Machine

Advantage of Double Disc Scrubbing Machine

Highly Efficient

The two discs on the machine makes it easier to operate on bigger surfaces because it covers a large space when cleaning.

Cleaning Performance

This machine contains a powerful motor with speed settings that can be adjusted which makes it a good choice for deep cleaning on hard floors.  The two discs effectively agitate and remove stains or dirt on the floor in a more powerful way ensuring there is good cleaning outcome.


Double disc floor scrubbing machine is designed to be used on different types floors such as wood, concrete, marble and tile floors. Types of cleaning pads can be changed depending on the type of task. This makes it a good equipment to be used also on rugs and carpets besides floors.


Purchasing a double disc scrubbing machine reduces the labor cost due to its ability to clean floors fast compared to traditional style. The machine only requires one operator to finish cleaning a large surface within a short period of time. The machine also reduces wastage of water because it uses less water or solutions when cleaning.

Easy to Use

This machine is usually designed with a user friendly controls and handles that are adjustable to make the cleaning process easier.

How Double Disc Floor Scrubber Works


Double disc floor scrubber woks by using two horizontally mounted pads or brush that rotate in opposite direction when cleaning. The two discs are powered by a powerful motor that helps with their rotation and speed.

Besides, the distribution of cleaning solution or water is done onto the floor from the tank which helps to break down dirt. This breakdown of dirt allows easy vacuuming up the dirt with the excess water from the floor leaving surface dry and clean.

How Single Disc Machine Compare to Double Disc Floor Scrubber

The choice between the two machines will always depend on the type of task or the required cleaning specification one needs.

For instance, the major factor between the two machines is the size of the cleaning area the machine is going to operate on. Here are some of the different comparisons between them;

Single Disc Scrubbing Machine
Single Disc Scrubbing Machine

Coverage Area

A double disc floor scrubber has two rotating discs that makes it cover a larger area compared to a single disc floor scrubber. This makes it ideal for cleaning bigger spaces faster. Single disc floor scrubber is commonly used in small areas because of having only a single rotating pad or brush.

Cleaning Efficiency

A double disc floor scrubber has a higher cleaning efficiency due the powerful ability to thoroughly clean a large surface fast. Compared to the double disc model, single disc floor scrubber is less efficient in effectively cleaning a surface.


A single floor scrubber machine is more flexible compared to the double disc floor scrubber machine. The smaller size of single disc machine, allows it to maneuver easily on tight spaces and also easy control. Double disc floor scrubber machine on the other hand is designed to work on big spaces so it is not easy to access the tight places and clean them well.


Coast of the two machines vary on the particular manufacturer based on specification and features. Typically, a single disc floor scrubber will be less expensive compared to the double disc floor scrubber.


Single disc floor scrubber is more versatile because it is capable of doing variety of applications. Different pads and brushes are used depending on the type of application is going to do.

The type of work single disc machine is able to do includes; stripping, scrubbing, polishing and buffing of floors. Double disc floor scrubber are designed to mostly do general cleaning by either scrubbing or polishing of floors.

Double Disc floor Srubber
Double Disc floor Srubber

Factors Determining Double Disc Scrubbing Machine Price

Double disc floor scrubber pricing differ according features the machine has and the difference in types of double disc floor scrubber. Here are some of the factors that determine the overall cost of double disc floor scrubber machine:

Double Disc Floor Scrubber
Double Disc Floor Scrubber

Type of Motor and Power

The type and quality of the motor is a feature that influence the pricing of the machine. Double disc machine having high powerful motors, have high rotation speed of pads or brushes which may result to a higher price.

Size of the Machine

The size of the machine is going to influence its price. This includes the size of cleaning path it can take with one pass. Single disc floor scrubber that cover large surface will be more priced than the one covering small surface.

This is basically due to the amount of time and engineering needed to create a machine that can cover a large space when cleaning.

The materials required to make the machine also will influence the price since they are going to be more compared to the small machines.

Flexible and Adjustable Features

A double disc floor scrubber that is flexible and has variety of different settings will determine the price. The machine having adjustable features like the speed and pressure of the disc with capabilities to change to a different application will be higher in price.

Quality Of The Machine

The build quality of a single disc floor scrubber machine will increase or decrease its ability to withstand tough tasks without damaging it. The machine with the best quality of build materials will be priced higher because it is going to last longer than the low quality model.

Additional Features

Added feature on a double disc floor scrubber like high quality vacuum system and a set of accessories like different brushes and pads will affect the price. Double disc floor scrubber machine coming with all these accessories as an added value to the machine will be expensive compared to a basic machine.


Double disc floor scrubber machine come in a wide variety of features so it is important to note that a specific brand or model have their own working manual from the manufacturer. Using the machine also requires, following proper safety measures and maintenance for it to last long.

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