Electric Floor Burnisher

Electric Floor Burnisher

Elerein Electric Floor Burnisher

Electric floor burnishers are used for different types of floor surfaces including concrete, tiles, marble, etc. It can polish or burnish the floor to leave a clean and glossy effect. Elerein electric burnishers are designed with compact construction to suit tight spaces. It has self-adjusting pad making it ideal for uneven floor surfaces.

At Elerein, we offer burnishers in a wide range of sizes and models. These are also available in superior power system set ups to ensure high performance. We have professional engineers to help you find the right electric floor burnishers for your cleaning project. You can guarantee that we provide timely response to your inquiries. Excellent after-sales services are also offered to solve any quality problems after your purchase.

Electric Floor Burnisher

Electric Floor Burnisher is a floor cleaning tool designed to use electricity as a source of energy for it to generate highly polished floors and maintain them. This is archived through passing over a high speed rotating brush or pad on the floor.  It can work on hard floors like tile, concrete, vinyl and marble floors.

Electric Floor Burnisher
Electric floor burnisher

Benefits of Electric Powered Floor Burnisher

  • The electric floor scrubber does not produce harmful gases into the air compared to the propane model.
  • Lower in terms of maintenance due to the fact that it does not have a many moving parts compared to the fuel powered burnisher. Electric powered burnisher is simple to maintain and does not require regular maintenance and monitoring of different parts of the machine.
  • Less effort is required when dealing with this machine compared to other types of floor burnisher
  • It is fast than other types hence covering a large floor surface in less time.
  • It produces low amount of noise during operation compared to the propane burnisher. This machine is preferred to work in spaces that are noise sensitive like library and hospitals.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Electric Floor Burnisher

Speed of Revolution per minute (RPM)

Electric floor burnisher has a high speed rotating brushes or pads for it to produce the glossy finish. This is accomplished when the pads or brushes create friction on the floor that generates a smooth surface. The machine normally has a speed ranging from 1000 to 3000 revolution per minute.

Brush or Pad Driver

This is where a brush or pad is installed and locked in place to be ready for work. The driver is directly connected to the motor to help with the rotation.


Electric powered floor burnisher has various control features such adjustable steering system or handles to make it easier for it to maneuver around on the floor while working. It also come with emergency stop button that allows the machine to operate safely.

Types of Pads and Brushes

The machine uses special brushes and pads made of materials such as synthetic fibers and natural fibers. They help to remove marks on a surface and keep it as shiny as possible.

Dust Collection System

Dust collection system increases the machine efficiency by collecting dust particles as it performs its function. Repetition of work is reduced when doing the cleaning and collection of dust at the same time by using an electric floor burnisher machine.

Power Cord

Electric floor burnisher since it uses electricity, a power cord is accompanied with it to connect it to the power source. The length of the cord usually depends with the model produced.


Electric motor is used by this machine to provide a rotation mechanism for a brush or a pad.

Electric Floor Burnisher
Electric Floor Burnisher

How Electric Floor Burnisher Works

Place the pad on the pad driver at the bottom of the machine correctly as instructed in the manufacturer guidelines. Connect the electric floor burnisher to the power supply then release the lock handle at the bottom to adjust the control handle. Push and hold the safety switch then squeeze the handle and lowering the pad to be in contact to the floor.

The machine needs to be moved in a back and forth movement while it burnish the floor. After the burnishing is complete, raise the handle at the bottom and lock it in place then the power cord should be unplugged. Wrap the cord around the machine to avoid the cord from being damaged.

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