Epoxy Floor Cleaning

Epoxy Floor Cleaning Machine

Elerein Epoxy Floor Cleaning Machine

Elerein offers a wide range of cleaning machines that specifically used for cleaning and disinfecting epoxy floors. Our selection of epoxy cleaning tools can provide a top-notch cleanliness on industrial and commercial spaces. You can guarantee that we offer sturdy and durable machines. These machines are also portable so you can easily move it from one place to another. In addition, it helps in removing grimes, dirt, and grease easily. As a professional supplier, rest assured that we adhere to SGS, CE, ISO, and more standards.

Therefore, you can assure the longevity of our epoxy cleaning tools for the maintenance of your flooring. We also use high-quality plastic and metal materials for the production to ensure durability. Whether you need standard or customized cleaning machines for your epoxy flooring, Elerein is your best manufacturer. Request a quote today!

Epoxy Floor Cleaning Machine

An epoxy floor cleaning machine is a machine used in cleaning epoxy floors in both commercial and residential setups. This machine helps maintain the shininess of the epoxy floor thus increasing durability.

Epoxy Floor Scrubbing Machine
Epoxy Floor Scrubbing Machine

Epoxy floor cleaning machine can either be ridden on or walked behind depending on your preference. The ride machine allows the operator to clean the floor while riding o the machine making it more efficient compared to traditional methods.

Ride-on scrubber machines is suitable for cleaning large facilities.

Walk behind floor scrubber machine allows the cleaner to operate the machine from behind which allows more area coverage. This technique is less tiresome as it allows the cleaner to control the machine. Walk-behind machines are ideal for narrower spaces such as corridors or pavements.

Epoxy floor cleaning machines come with different power sourcing. Some are those that use fuel, and batteries and others are electrically powered depending on the area of usage.

Types of Brushes and Discs Best Epoxy Floor Cleaning Machine

There are a variety of brushes and discs used in epoxy floor cleaning machines depending on the floor texture and cleaning needed.

Discs use in epoxy floor cleaning machines include brushes and flat pads. They include;

Floor Scrubber Pads and Epoxy
Floor Scrubber Pads and Epoxy
  • Polypropylene brush: this brush is suitable for the general cleaning of epoxy floors and other types of floors. It’s ideal for aggressive cleaning of surfaces that are not even since the brushes can go through the crevices easily.
  • Gritted brush: this brush is made of polypropylene and silicon carbide which makes them thicker. This brush is ideal for the aggressive stripping of dirt from epoxy floors. You can either use light grit or heavy grit depending on the intensity of cleaning you want to achieve.
  • Nylon brush: this brush is soft making it ideal for cleaning epoxy floors which requires minimal scrubbing. It’s more durable compared to the other brushes due to its bend recovery nature.

Factors Determining Epoxy Floor Cleaning Machine Price

The cost of an epoxy floor cleaning machine varies depending on several factors. These factors include;

  • Power source of the epoxy floor cleaning machine: These machines are designed to use fuel, batteries, and others are electric-powered. This attribute result in cost variation of this machine. Epoxy floor cleaning machines using batteries are more ideal and expensive compared to those powered using fuel.
  • Type of brushes on the epoxy floor cleaning machine: The cost of brushes varies depending on which brush you chose for your machine. For instance, nylon brush is more expensive and durable compared to other type of brushes.


The availability of epoxy floor cleaning machines has brought a great transition in cleaning from the traditional mopping of floors. It’s more effective, durable, and efficient to ensure maximum cleaning of your epoxy floors. This machine can also be customized to meet all your requirements.

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