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Elerein offers a high-quality floor blower that can pump high volumes of drying air. It features three-speed settings from low, medium, to high. These are also designed with six airflow positions, a reset button, and a circuit breaker. It also has an excellent blower fan to provide excellent drying performance for job sites, garages, basements, kitchens, etc.

Here at Elerein, you can find a broad selection of floor blowers for your business establishments, warehouse, and other commercial spaces. We can customize each floor blower according to your requirements. You can send us your specifications such as designs, colors, material selection, and other details.

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Air Mover Carpet Dryer

Our air mover carpet dryer features 21 tubes of pressurized air, up to 200⁰F of heated air, and stackable properties. It features adjustable speed and a built-in hour timer.

Carpet Dryer Blower

The carpet dryer blower is manufactured with a horizontal airflow direction. It is widely used to dry floors and carpets in an industrial environment.

Commercial Carpet Dryer

We manufacture a commercial carpet dryer that is compact and lightweight. It also features 360-degree airflow and heavy-duty swivel casters.

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Floor Blower

Similar to other blowers, floor blower also increases the speed of air when passed through the impeller.

A floor blower is a portable air blower that is used to cool, dry and ventilate a room. It is also used on wet surface and carpets to dry them off. Floor blowers are applicable in different areas like garage, gyms, food industry, warehouses, underground basement, waste water treatment and mining areas.

Floor blower
Floor blower

Floor Blower Components

Floor Blower Parts
Floor Blower Parts


Motor is one of the floor blower main components that is used in controlling flow of air. The motor in a floor blower when powered, is used to turn the fun on for air circulation throughout the room.

A motor in a floor blower is controlled by a motor resister. This is used to send signals to the motor to regulate speed of the motor. Motors in a flow blower come in two different types, it either the single speed and the variable speed.

Single speed motor blows air at the same speed rate while variable speed motors blow in different speed levels


Belt and Shaft

Belt and shaft are other parts that are tied to the motor for it to perform its function. Shaft-it connects the impeller to the motor via the belt.

Additionally, the belt-the motor is connected to the shaft through belt.


A device with blades arranged in rotation manner from the center that moves and increase pressure of air at an angle. Most common fan wheels are powered by electricity to produced air at high volume.


The impeller is a rotating mechanical device connected to the shaft which is directly linked to the motor. Main function is to direct flow of air


Housing is a cover for an impeller that is made to take in and direct flow of air in one direction. It also protects the blower from outside.

 Types of Floor Blowers

Axial Floor Blower

They are commonly used in large spaces to blow air in all directions. Takes in and blows out air in parallel formation to the center axis that blades move around it. It can be both used in small and large building space.

Centrifugal Floor Blower

This is a type of floor blower that focus air only in one direction. The best choice for domestic use like a small room.

Electric Floor Blower

A floor blower powered by electricity to power the electric motor. User friendly because it is easy to maintain and very light to transport it around.

Functions of Floor Blowers

  • Production of high or low temperature in a room when needed.
  • Ventilation of a room can be provided using floor blowers.
  • Move air by the pressure generated from fans to clear dust particles.
  • Helps in drying of wet carpets and floors.

Industrial Floor Blower

A floor blower type that is applicable in a large building having a lot of activities. Purposely made to produce a larger volume of air than the other types of floor blowers.it is achieved by having a few numbers of big impellers that are mounted on shafts that are driven with a motor.

There are other uses of this blowers like dust collection, used when processing of chemicals and controlling of fumes.

Battery Floor Blower

Floor blower that has a battery powered motor to rotate the fan.it has stored energy that keeps it running for a long time before recharging. A maximum of 1hour period is when functioning of a battery powered blower can last.

Heavy Duty Floor Blower

Floor blower similar to industrial floor blower, is used to perform heavy task in harsh conditions and for long hours. Good choice for warehouses and workshops.

Floor Dryer Blower

This is a type of floor blower that is commonly used to dry wet surfaces and carpets. Having a higher capability to dry faster than the rest of the floor blowers.

Mini Floor Blower

A smaller and lighter floor blower that is made to have a handle to carry around as it works. Easy to fit small spaces to blow air in wardrobes, below seats and other small spaces. It blows air when directed upwards, horizontally or diagonal.

For additional performance, you may opt for specialized options such as floor blower with a heater. They are best for floors that require drying.

Features of the Best Flest floor blower

  • A floor blower with variable speed levels that can be changed to suit individual taste.
  • It should be efficient enough not to consume a lot of energy source required.
  • Floor blower that is lighter so that it can be easy to transport and store.
  • Quiet floor blower when operating to by use of good induction motor to avoid noise.
  • A simple body structure to fit anywhere and save space.
  • Quality features like having a stand to help in direction of air floor by turning it up or down.
  • If it has built in power outlet.

Troubleshooting Blowers for Floors

Principle of air fan blower machine for floors
Principle of Air fan Blower Machine for Floors

Fan Stop to Work

First the power supply should be checked if it is on or not. If power supply works well, check if the motor is working. This will be achieved by turning on the blower fan the setting it to low settings to hear if the motor works. Some instances the fan might be the one having a problem.

It may be solved by opening the housing to remove the dust that might have clogged around the center of the centrifugal fan to affects its movement.

Other than that, the floor blower needs to be replaced considering the best features before purchase.

Over Heating

This a common problem in many electric appliances, this is caused by using a floor blower for long hours. Floor blower should be turn off after some time for the motor to rest to reduce friction.

Blower Produce a Lot of Noise

When the floor blower makes noise than usual, it is a sign of loose connection inside or friction between the rotating parts.

At Elerein, we manufacture energy efficient and reliable floor blowers configured according customer specific requirements.

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