Floor Cleaner Scrubber

Floor Cleaner Scrubber

Elerein Floor Cleaner Scrubber

Grease and debris can easily be removed using the Elerein floor cleaner scrubber. Tiles, cement, ceramic, stone, and other materials can all be cleaned with it. When there is a lot of foot activity, this equipment will help you clean more quickly and efficiently. Using an auto scrubber to clean floors is significantly faster than using a mop and bucket. This consumes a lot less water and results in cleaner, more hygienic flooring. Elerein manufactures a wide range of floor cleaner scrubber. It comes in ride-on or walk-behind scrubber types, battery-operated, fuel-based, or cord-electric power sources.

Elerein has 10 sets of testing machines, and all floor-cleaning equipment needs to be tested before getting shipped. We have more than 30 years of successful experience in the cleaning machines field.

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Floor Cleaner Scrubber

A floor cleaner scrubber is a cleaning equipment used for both cleaning and scrubbing floors. Floor cleaner scrubbers are equipped with a brush head that can scrub and squeegee floors. This ensures that hard stains are removed while at the same time being cleaned up.

Floor cleaner scrubbers are ideal for light everyday cleaning that does not need deep cleaning.

Benefits of Floor Cleaning and Scrubbing Machine

Floor Cleaner Scrubber
Floor Cleaner Scrubber

Some of the benefits of floor cleaning and scrubbing machines include:

Reducing Labor Cost

The floor cleaning and scrubbing machine is efficient, cost-effective, and removes the need for human cleaners. This will save you the labor charges that would have been required for extra hands to do the job.

Removing Hard Stains

Compared to mops and brooms, floor cleaning and scrubbing machines will remove hard stains such as oil very quickly. It will scrub and clean the strain without leaving a mark.


Cleaning and scrubbing machines use very minimal water and reduce wastage. The cleaning solution is measured thus reducing the pollution associated with it. It is worth noting that some cleaning and scrubbing can be done with only water and the strength of the scrub pads or brush.

Minimal Disruptions

Cleaning and scrubbing machines are quite fast machines. You will not need a lot of time to clean locations where minimum sound disruptions are required such as hospitals and schools.


By cleaning, scrubbing, and vacuuming the dirty water, floor scrubbers will leave your floor clean and dry. This is essential in avoiding slips and falls due to wet floors. Also, unlike a mop and bucket, floor cleaning equipment leaves your floors cleaner and more hygienic.

Types of Floor Cleaning and Scrubbing Machines

· Industrial Floor Cleaner Scrubber

Industrial floor cleaner scrubbers are larger and used for cleaning large surface areas. They are mainly ride-on and come equipped with engine combustion to propel them. Some of the places they are used include large factories, warehouses, and stadium cleaning.

· Vacuum Cleaner Floor Scrubber

A vacuum cleaner scrubber is a floor cleaning equipment that has vacuuming functions alongside scrubbing and cleaning functions.

· Bathroom Floor Cleaning Scrubber

Bathroom floor cleaning scrubbers are smaller and are designed specifically for bathroom cleaning. They are usually hand-held and compact cleaning machines that can reach the bathroom’s tight spots.

· Floor Cleaner Scrubber Polisher.

This is a type of floor-cleaning scrubber that apart from cleaning and scrubbing, also polishes the floor. It is ideal for tiled floors.

How Floor Cleaner Scrubber Works


Floor cleaner scrubbers have a fairly easy working mechanism. Smaller floor cleaner scrubbers come equipped with two tanks. One tank collects dirty water while another one has clean water or a cleaning solution.

The water is automatically fed to the brush or scrubber. As the floor is cleaned, the dirty water is sucked by a suction that is installed behind the scrubber. A suction tube then transfers the dirty water to the dirty water tank.

How to Choose Scrubber Machine for Floor Cleaning

Floor Scrubbing Brush
Floor Scrubbing Brush

When choosing a scrubber machine for floor cleaning, you can consider the following to guide you:

  • Modes: Go for a scrubber machine for cleaning that you can adjust to different configurations depending on your cleaning needs.
  • Power source: For flexibility, go for a battery rechargeable floor cleaning scrubber if you want to clean tight spots such as the kitchen area.
  • User-friendliness: If you are planning to buy a scrubber machine for floor cleaning for heavy use, it is better to buy one with a simple layout with minimal electronics.
  • Design: Choose an ergonomic design that is well-suited for the job. This consideration is ideal for handheld or pushes scrubber machines for cleaning.

For all your floor cleaner scrubber machines, contact Elerein now.

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