Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor Cleaning Machine

Elerein Floor Cleaning Machine

Elerein manufactures floor cleaning machines that can provide excellent cleaning efficiency. It can effectively remove debris, dirt, and dust in any floor surfaces. It features easy operation panel for a convenient usage. These are also designed with double sewage filtration to ensure energy-efficiency.

As a professional manufacturer, we assure safety for both operators and machine. By using Elerein floor cleaning machines, you can thoroughly clean floor surfaces leaving a smooth, shiny, and spotless finish. We guarantee that our machines can help in increasing your cleaning project productivity. Our extensive selection includes carpet dryers, pressure cleaners, floor sweepers, and more. You can choose from our standard models depending on your needs. Request a quote today.

Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor cleaning machines are purposely used to clean, scrub, buff, and vacuum floors. There are various types of floor cleaning machines available in the market. Floor cleaning machines are available in a wide range of options that depend on your specific use. They are ideal for both small household use to big commercial use.

Floor Cleaning Machine
Floor Cleaning Machine

Advantages Of Floor Cleaner Machine

Utilizing a floor cleaning machine both for commercial and personal use come with many benefits. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to:

Reducing Inconvenience

With advanced technology in floor cleaning machines, now you have the option of having auto scrubbers and sweepers that are efficient, quiet, and fast. You can clean large floor areas quite fast with minimal disruptions and interruptions.

Saves Time and Labor

Now you do not have to use manual labor in cleaning your warehouse or commercial facilities. With floor cleaner machine, you get to save on both cleaning time and the labor cost.

Super Clean and Shiny Floor

Floor cleaners can scrub, buff, vacuum, and clean your floor. The result is a clean and shiny floor that manual cleaning cannot achieve!

Available Wide Range of Options

Floor cleaners are available in a wide range of options depending on your specific needs. They range from simple carpet cleaners to complex ride-on floor scrubbers for commercial cleaning.

The Right Price For the Right Use

Floor cleaners are fairly priced depending on use. Small floor cleaners for personal use are affordable while commercial enterprises will find commercial floor scrubbers fairly priced.

Though floor cleaning machines have many advantages, some customers have pointed some downside of them. Some of the cons of floor cleaning machine you might experience include

  • Some rechargeable cleaning machines might have a short battery life.
  • Not all floor cleaning come cheap. Some are a bit expensive especially for commercial use.
  • They are susceptible to breakdown or clogging if not well maintained or operated.


Types Of Floor Cleaner Machines

As stated above, there many types of floor scrubbers with a wide range of options to choose from. The main difference between them is application and the working mechanism.

Classification by Working Principle

Floor Sweeping Machine

Floor sweepers are specifically used to sweep floors and collect dirt. They are available in both manual, vacuum, and automatic options. Floor sweepers can be used for commercial and personal use and come in different sizes.

Floor Sweeping Machine
Floor Sweeping Machine

Floor Scrubber Machines

Floor scrubbers are floor cleaning machines used for scrubbing floors with difficult stains such as oil and paint. Floor scrubber machines are equipped with systems that scrub and vacuum the floor leaving it sparkling clean.

Floor Scrubber Machine
Floor Scrubber Machine

Floor Burnisher

Floor burnishers are floor cleaning machines used for burnishing floors and giving them a perfect shine. It is a machine that utilizes brush speed as one of its advantages. You have an option of choosing either a brush or an abrasive pad floor burnisher depending on your cleaning needs.

Floor Burnisher
Floor Burnisher

Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Floor vacuum cleaners are multipurpose floor cleaning machines that are used to vacuum different types of surfaces such as carpets, wood floor, and concrete floors. A very common floor vacuum cleaner used is the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. This is a very versatile floor vacuum cleaner that is incorporated with both wet and dry vacuuming capabilities.

Floor Vacuum Cleaner
Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Floor Carpet Cleaner Dryer

This is a type of floor cleaning machine that is specially designed for carpet drying. it is used for drying wet carpets through vacuuming or blow drying.

Floor Carpet Cleaner Dryer
Floor Carpet Cleaner Dryer

Floor Polishing Machine

Floor polishing machines work with the same concept as floor burnishers. They are used for polishing hard surfaces. For the perfect outcome, use them for polishing tiles floors, wooden floor fixture, linoleum, or marble floors. You are guaranteed of a perfect, shiny finish.

Floor Polishing Machine
Floor Polishing Machine

Electric Floor Cleaning Machine

Electric floor cleaning machine utilizes electricity as its main power source. They usually come with long electric cords which can be extended to cover a large cleaning area.

Electric Floor Cleaning Machine
Electric Floor Cleaning Machine

Ride on Floor Cleaning Machine

Ride on floor cleaning machines are large floor cleaners that can be driven during operations. They can be viewed as small cars equipped with floor cleaning capabilities. Ride on floor cleaning machines is ideal for large scale cleaning such as in factories, malls, airports, and large warehouses.

Ride on Floor Cleaning Machine
Ride on Floor Cleaning Machine

Walk Behind Floor Cleaning Machine.

To operate walk behind floor cleaning machine, the operator pushes or controls it from behind. Walk behind floor cleaners can either use brush propulsion, engine propulsion, or manually pushed by the operator.

Walk Behind Floor Cleaning Machine
Walk Behind Floor Cleaning Machine

Battery Operated Floor Cleaning Machine

Battery operated floor cleaning machines use rechargeable lithium batteries as their power source. They are hailed for their environmentally friendliness and use of clean energy. They are quite effective especially in operations that require minimal noise.

Battery Operated Floor Cleaning Machine
Battery Operated Floor Cleaning Machine

Cordless Floor Cleaner Machine

Cordless floor cleaner machines are rechargeable floor cleaning machines they are mainly used for light cleaning jobs such as home and office cleaning duties.

Cordless Floor Cleaning Machine
Cordless Floor Cleaning Machine

High Pressure Floor Cleaning Machines

High pressure floor cleaning machines are used for cleaning surfaces with hard to clean stains such as oil spills, paint, or hazardous chemical spills. They come equipped with brushes and cleaning pads that are designed for durability.

High Pressure Floor Cleaning Machine
High Pressure Floor Cleaning Machine

Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine

This type of floor cleaning machines can be operated remotely. They are very useful for hard-to-reach area such as tight warehouse isles, behind and down racks. Automatic floor cleaning machines are installed with rechargeable lithium batteries for easy maneuverability.

Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine
Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine

Self-propelled Floor Cleaning Machines.

Self-propelled floor cleaning machines use brush rotation for propulsion. The operator only holds the self-propelled floor cleaning machines for directional purposes.

Classification Based on Floor Type

Wood Floor Cleaner Machine

This type of floor cleaning machine is designed for cleaning wood floor surfaces. They come equipped with soft brush heads that are ideal for such surfaces and to avoid leaving ugly marks after cleaning.

Wood Floor Cleaner Machine
Wood Floor Cleaner Machine

Floor Cleaner Machine for Tile

Floor cleaner machine for tiles is specifically used for cleaning tiles. They are equipped with special brush pads and brush heads that can polish the tiles for a shiny clean.

Tile Floor Cleaner Machine
Tile Floor Cleaner Machine

Concrete Floor Cleaning Machines

Concrete can be tough to clean due to its toughness and coarse nature. For it to be cleaned, it needs floor cleaning machines that are specifically designed for that type of floor. You can never go wrong with concrete floor cleaning machine for all your concrete floor cleaning needs.

Concrete Floor Cleaning Machine
Concrete Floor Cleaning Machine

Laminate Floor Cleaner Machine

Laminate floors are delicate and are susceptible to swelling, warping, joint separation, and delamination. This means that they should be cleaned with care. Laminate floor cleaner machines are equipped with soft brittle brushes that clean the laminated floors gently with a clean polished finish.

Laminate Floor Cleaner Machine
Laminate Floor Cleaner Machine

Vinyl Floor Cleaner Machine

Just like laminate floors, vinyl floors also require gentle handling while cleaning. Vinyl floor cleaner machines are designed for smooth cleaning with an emphasis on shiny finishing.

Vinyl Floor Cleaner Machine
Vinyl Floor Cleaner Machine

Ceramic Floor Cleaning Machine

Ceramic floor cleaning machines are specifically designed for cleaning and buffing of ceramic floors. Ceramic floors are known for their multiple colors and shiny finishing. Using a ceramic floor cleaning machines will ensure your ceramics do not stain and the shininess is maintained.

Multi-surface Floor Cleaner Machine

Multi-surface floor cleaner machine come equipped with multiple extra brush heads and brush pads. The operator needs to install the brush heads depending on the type of floor he wants to clean. These are economical and you do not need different floor cleaning machines for different cleaning jobs and floor surfaces.

Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Machine
Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Machine

Where to Use Floor Cleaner Machine

Industrial Floor Cleaner Machine/Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machine

Industrial floor cleaner machine or warehouse floor cleaning machines are large commercial cleaning machines used for large scale floor cleaning. They are usually ride-on or stand-on cleaning machines. Most of them use gasoline or diesel engines for propulsion. They are ideal for large halls, aisles, and walkways.

Gym Floor Cleaning Machine

Gym floor cleaning machines are used for cleaning rubber surfaces and also concrete floors. You can adjust them depending on cleaning needs. They are usually hand-held floor cleaning machines to enable for cleaning of tight spots between gym equipment.

Kitchen Floor Cleaning Machine

Kitchen floor cleaning machines are small, compact, but powerful floor cleaning machines. They are useful in cleaning hard to remove stains such as cooking oil and food stains.

Garage Floor Cleaner Machine

Garage floor cleaner machine is used for cleaning garage floors. Garage floors are susceptible to very hard to remove stains such as oil spills, break fluids, and gasoline spills. These types of stains need very powerful garage floor scrubbers to remove them.

How To Choose the Best Floor Cleaning Machine

There are different parameters you can consider when choosing the best floor cleaning machine for your specific use. Some of the parameters you should put in mind include but not limited to:


The size of the floor cleaning machine you want to use should correspond with the surface area you want to clean. For instance, if you want to clean a large warehouse, it is prudent to choose a heavy-duty floor scrubber machine that is designed to clean large surface area and specifically can fit along warehouse aisles.


Floor cleaning machines range in power consumption depending on size and their applications. You can get those with as little as 220 watts power consumptions to as high as 220o Watts power consumption. The brush rotating speed also determine the power of floor cleaning machine with some achieving as high as 3000 RPM depending on use.


Your choice of floor cleaning machine will largely depend on its application. For instance, you cannot purchase a vinyl floor cleaner machine to clean your carpet. The floor cleaning machine must correspond to its application.


Weight of the floor cleaning machine is another important factor to consider before purchasing it. You cannot buy a heavy duty, half ton floor cleaning machine such as a commercial floor scrubber for home use. The more the weight of the floor cleaning machine the easier for it to destroy the floor while cleaning.

Power Source

The different power options available for floor cleaning machines are an important consideration when choosing the type of floor cleaning machine to purchase. Consider energy efficiency, ease of maneuverability, and environmentally friendly emissions. Some of the power options you can consider include rechargeable batteries, electricity powered floor cleaning machine, gasoline or diesel engine floor cleaning machines. The type of power source to use largely depending on the size and use of the floor cleaning machine.

Tank Size

Floor cleaning machines especially those used for scrubbing, sweeping, buffing come equipped with two sets of tanks. One tank is for clean water, solution and the other for collecting dirty water after cleaning floors. The tanks range in size depending on the type of floor cleaning machine. For instance, small hand-held floor cleaners can have a tank with as low as 5ltr capacity while a large industrial floor scrubber can hold as much as 100 liters of clean water.

Ease Of Use

You should also choose the best floor cleaning machine depending on ease of use. For instance, if you want to clean your small office space, it is better to buy a small hand-held floor scrubber or sweeper than buying a drive-on floor scrubber that can be cumbersome to operate.

Cord Length

If you are planning on using electric powered floor cleaning machine, you should put a lot of consideration on the power cord length. Some floor cleaning machines come with an extendable power cord to allow you clean a larger surface area.

Noise Level

Consider the noise level of floor cleaning machine before purchasing. The noise level is determined by the location where the floor cleaning machine will be used. For example, a lithium powered battery floor cleaning machine will be ideal for a school or hospital setup because they have low noise level compared to a combustion engine powered floor cleaning machine.

Floor Cleaning Machine Cost

Floor cleaning machines have a very wide price range that is determined by different factors.  You can get floor cleaning machines that cost less than $100 to those that cost as much as $50,000. As I said, the price range is very wide and depends on some variables such as:

  • Quality
  • Size
  • Type of use
  • Manufacturer
  • Shipping and other overhead costs
  • Add-ons
  • Capacity, power, and power source

Types of Floor Cleaning Machines Pads and Brushes

There are many brush and pad types for floor cleaning machines. The type of brush or pad to use for your floor cleaning machines depends on the type of surface you want to clean.

Surfaces are of different types and can include:

  • Vinyl floors
  • Marble floors
  • Concrete floors
  • Stone floors
  • Ceramic floors
  • Quarry tiled floors
  • Linoleum floors
  • Terrazzo
  • Wooden floor

Some of the pad and brush types you can get in the market include but not limited to


  • Burnishing pad
  • Speed burnish pad
  • Tan burnish pad
  • Eraser burnish pad
  • Polishing pad
  • Cleaning pad
  • Stripper and stripping pad
  • Diamond coated floor pad


  • General purpose nylon scrub brush
  • General purpose polypropylene scrub brush
  • Carpet shampoo scrub brush
  • Light duty scrubbing brush
  • Grit rotary scrubbing brush
  • Grit rotary stripping brush
  • Heavy-duty stripping brush
  • Wood block scrubbing brush
  • Marble polishing brush
  • General purpose concrete scrub brush
  • Soft nylon rotary brush

Maintenance Tips of Floor Cleaner Machine

Maintenance is an integral part of keeping your floor cleaning machines durable and in great condition. You can consider this simple maintenance tips to keep your floor cleaning machines in top condition.

Cleaning Filters and Brushes

It is important to clean your floor cleaning machines filters and brushes after every use. This will ensure that your floor cleaning machines does not clog. Clogging might lead to the damage of floor cleaning machine mechanicals.

Replacing the Belts and Hoses

Check and replace the belt and hoses if you see any sign of wear and tear. This is important in averting accidents and also in keeping your floor cleaning machines in good working condition. Always ensure to follow manufacture’s instructions when replacing the belts and hoses.

Emptying the Dustbin or Tank

Empty the floor cleaning machine dustbin or tank after every use. After emptying, ensure you clean them before putting them back in place. This is important in curbing dirt from accumulating inside the tank or dustbin.

Storing the Machine Properly

Ensure that you do a safety check when you park your drive-on floor scrubber. Put the parking brake on and park in a flat place to avoid it rolling. For other floor cleaning machines, ensure you store them in a clean and dry place and away from traffic.

Proper storage is important to avert accidents, trips and falls. Also ensure that you unplug your floor cleaning machines from the power source during storage.

Using Right Cleaning Solution

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to apply the right solution for your floor cleaning machines. The floor cleaning machines come with operators’ manual which must be studied careful before operation of the floor cleaning machines.

Checking the Power Cord

Check that the floor cleaning machine power code has no tear and that it is well insulated. This is vital in avoiding electrocution. Torn wires can also create electrical shots that can damage your floor cleaning machines.

Lubricating Moving Parts

Before using your floor cleaning machine, you should carry out a 360-degree safety check. You should check that all the components that need to be fastened are fastened and that there are no any licks coming from your floor cleaning machines.

Ensure that all moving parts of the floor cleaning machines are well oiled and lubricated. Carry out scheduled servicing of your floor cleaning machines according to the manufacturer’s service manual.

Floor Cleaning Machine Repair – Learn Troubleshooting Tips

Floor cleaning machines are a perfect investment for your office, home, business, or large industrial operations. But like any other machine, sometimes they may be susceptible to breakdown or malfunction. It is advisable to have basic troubleshooting knowledge to check for any issues with your floor cleaning machine.

Some of the trouble shooting basic tips include:

Loss of Suction

For loss of suction, it is important to check if your dirty water tank is full. Loss of suction can also occur dur to clogged pipes that are meant to take dirty water from the suction pad. Emptying the dirty water tank or unclogging the vacuum hose will solve the problem. If the basic troubleshooting does not work, it is advisable to take your floor cleaning machine to a professional serving company.

Brush Roll Not Spinning

If the brush roll is not scrubbing, check that all the wiring are okay and that it is connected to the power source. If it is a battery powered floor cleaning machine, check that the battery has enough power to rotate the brush. Also check that the filters are fitted perfectly and that the brush head fits in its place.

Motor Overheating

Motor overheating can be a result of internal wiring problems or fixing components such as brush heads wrongly. In case of the motor overheating, stop the floor cleaning machine and do a through safety check to ensure that or components are tightly in place where they should be. In case of persistence take or tow the floor cleaning machine to a professional floor cleaning machine technician.

Strange Noises

Strange noises might be coming from unlubricated components. Ensure that all the moving parts of your floor cleaning machine are well oiled and lubricated.

Smells or Odors

Smells or odor are mostly as a result of poor cleaning and maintenance of your floor cleaning machine. Ensure that you clean the filters, brush heads, brush pads, and the dirty water tank after every use. Keeping the floor cleaning machine will ensure that there are no bad smells or odors coming from your floor cleaning machine.

No Power

Check that the power cable is plugged in and the power is switched on. In case of an engine powered floor scrubber, ensure that it has enough fuel. For battery powered floor cleaning machine check the battery level to ensure it is fully charged. Do not dismantle the floor cleaning machine or repair it yourself if it has no power, instead, take it to a qualified floor cleaning machine technician.

Uneven Cleaning

Uneven cleaning might be a result of using the wrong brush head for the wrong floor surface. It is important to use the manufacturer’s manual in setting the correct configurations for your brush head that fits the floor type you are cleaning.

Technological Advancements in Best Floor Cleaner Machines


Fully automated floor cleaner machines are slowly entering the market. These can be controlled remotely and are ideal for sensitive areas such as museums where careful cleaning is needed.

Monitoring Systems

These are floor cleaning machines equipped with systems that can monitor elements such as dust, germs, and the right solutions for cleaning. They use the least number of resources to clean by calculating the exact amount of solution to use in cleaning a specific surface area.

Lower Carbon Footprint

These are solar powered floor cleaning machines that are slowly entering the market. Currently, they are available for small scale use.


Robotics floor cleaning machines do not require human operation but use AI commands in cleaning floors. They are still in RnD and are the technology to look for.

Data Metrics

This type of floor cleaning machine collects data and uses it in mapping how, where, and when to clean a specific area or location.


Floor cleaning machines are an essential equipment when it comes to cleaning solution. From schools, hospital, large commercial complexes, floor cleaning machines offer undeniable solution to their specific needs.

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