floor scrubber buffer

Floor Scrubber Buffer

Elerein Floor Scrubber Buffer

Elerein manufactures floor buffer scrubbers that are widely used for cleaning hard floors and carpets. It comes with a variety of scrubbing paths to meet your cleaning requirements. These are manufactured with all-steel frame construction with a triple planetary drive system. All our floor buffer scrubbers are powered with dual capacitors to provide high cleaning performance.

Elerein offers floor buffer scrubbers with complete accessories and spare parts. These cleaning devices are tested with our 10 sets of testing machines to ensure quality. With our over 168 technicians, you can assure reliable, stable, and easy-to-use custom floor buffer scrubbers.

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Floor Scrubber Buffer

This is a machine that performs both cleaning and maintaining of floors while changing from a rotating brush to a pad and vice versa. The rotating brush help to loosen dirt from the floor while rotating pad is used to maintain the floor finish.

Advantages of Floor Scrubber Buffer Machines

  • Acquiring floor scrubber buffers is cost effective because of the ability it has to perform two tasks at the same time.
  • They are very versatile due to their ability to clean variety of floor surfaces such as wood, concrete and tiles.
  • The machine can efficiently clean and maintain big surfaces with less time and effort.
  • Floor scrubber buffer machines require less water for them to perform their duties.
  • It requires only one person hence reducing labor cost to scrub and buff the floor at the same time.
Floor Buffer Scrubber Designs
.Floor Buffer Scrubber Designs

How Floor Buffer and Floor Scrubber Machine Compare

Let’s compare these machines based on these key variables:

1. Functions of the Two Machines:

Floor buffer is used to maintain the floors that are damaged giving it a new look while floor scrubber is used to clean usable dirty floors.

2. Applications:

Floor buffer are commonly used to keep floors in commercial areas smooth and presentable in spaces like offices, shopping malls and hotels. A floor scrubber machine is used commonly in industrial floor areas such as warehouses and factories that require frequent cleaning.

3. Difference in Design:

Floor buffer uses a pad on the floor while a floor scrubber comes with a disk shaped brush that rotate on the floor to scrub it.

4. Difference in Working Principle:

Floor scrubber uses water as it rotates to be able to remove dirt and stains more effectively. Floor buffer doesn’t require water to perform its function.

How Floor Scrubber and Buffer Machines Work

Floor scrubber and floor buffer both use a motor to rotate the brush and the pad respectively. They both also have control steering handle that an operator uses to control the machine by keeping them rotating against the floor.

Parts of a Heavy Duty Floor Scrubber Buffer
Parts of a Heavy-Duty Floor Scrubber Buffer

Floor scrubber brush rotate to effectively remove dirt on the floor using water. There is a water tank that is filled with solution for cleaning which supplies it when scrubbing. It also has a squeegee that collects the distributed water on the floor to the recovery tank for later disposal.

Floor buffer machine comes with a high speed rotating pad that is used to remove scratches and marks on the floor surface. There are different pads used in different level of buffing process depending on the type of floor. Tough uneven floors require rough pad grit to balance the surface before a smooth pad grit is used to complete the buffing process.

Floor Buffer Pads
Floor Buffer Pads

Can you Buff a Floor with a Floor Scrubber?

Yes, a floor scrubber can be used to buff a floor surface. The buffing is done after the floor is cleaned using a soft pad to avoid damaging the floor.

At Elerein, we have the best floor scrubber buffer machines for your unique applications requirements.

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