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Industrial Floor Scrubber to Rocket Your Business

As one of the leading floor scrubber manufacturers in China, Elerein has exported different floor scrubbers to over 100 countries and has grown with great partners worldwide.

Over 168 technicians and 118 servants always back you up no matter if you meet any problems on the product side or payment and delivery. We provide 24 monthly warranty to help you expand your floor scrubber market with 100% confidence. You will get 15 days fast delivery time so you can satisfy your customers with a short lead time.

Elerein can provide you ride on a floor scrubber, walk-behind floor scrubber, compact floor scrubber, and more. You can order from 1 pc to start; we will 100% help your start-up business open your local market. Just drop us an email to get an instant quote.

With this energy-saving, high-efficiency, and long-lasting characteristics machine, you will experience running it smoothly. It equips with super cleaning and vacuum system, has an efficiency of 2800m2/h, 4-5H working time, and max brush pressure of 35Kg

Battery Floor Scrubber

With Elerein battery floor scrubber, you can walk behind with it and eliminate some waste and reduce the danger by controlling the cleaner levels and distributing exactly the right amount of solution for the day-by-day floor cleaning maintenance routine.

This cord-electric floor scrubber of Elerein is one of the most powerful electric floor scrubbing machines for industrial and commercial cleaning. With this product, an easy-to-operate and comfortable cleaning path scrubber will make your daily floor cleaning an easy and simple process.

This heavy-duty floor scrubber of Elerein has many specs and advantages. The control panel was marked and easy to operate. The brush plate cover is made of an aluminum casting process that is strong and durable. The water-absorbing rubber strip is made of high-brand materials and the water-absorbing effect is better.

Ride On Auto Scrubber

Our ride-on auto scrubber machine has a big water tank capacity and no need to inject water frequently. It has also strong climbing ability features and can easily cross the bumpy road smoothly. It can also climb 15 degrees.

Hard Floor Scrubbers

Elerein hard floor scrubber is a versatile ride-on floor scrubber and can clean 3600 square meters without intervention. Whether the scrubber operator is 195 cm or just 155 cm tall, its long seat of it allows everyone to perceive the right position.

Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Elerein can offer you this type of floor cleaner for your bodegas and warehouses. This cleaning machine is fully automatic and has noise-free features and has a professional brush. It provides a superclass cleaning performance to secure the quick drying of the floor. It can also clean easily in a corridor and other small space areas.

Automatic Floor Scrubber

The Elerein automatic floor scrubber is a low-cost automatic cleaning machine. This floor scrubber is suitable for some industries such as factory workshops, railway stations, subway stations, schools, warehouses, and supermarkets.

Ride On Floor Scrubber

With Elerein, you can now get your ride-on-floor scrubber that is durable but affordable. In this machine, you can drive it smoothly and steadily, you can remove easily the stain by using aluminum alloy casting.

Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

It might be a small floor cleaning machine, but it can easily clean a large amount of water and is very useful to clean quickly a densely populated area. Simple treatment of stubborn stains? No worries with this scrubbing technology. This single-disc floor scrubbing machine can clean rainwater, juice, sewage, soup, juice drinks, children and animal urines, and other several liquids.


Our walk-behind hand push floor scrubber provides efficient decontamination without leaving marks. Maybe it has a small volume, but it has a flexible turning advantage, easy to operate and maintain. It has also an intellective water volume induction system that enables the protection of the brush disc and the water-absorbing tape.

Marble Scrubbing Machine

Because this scrubbing machine is a key-type switch, it is very convenient for maintenance and operation. In addition to its features, it has a V-shape squeegee strong suction and ensures no wastewater or stains on a marble tiles floor.

Double Disc Scrubbing Machine

The compact ride-on scrubber of this double-disc scrubbing machine is ideal for cleaning several indoor areas and provides a perfect overview all the time. The brush head and squeegee of this Elerein machine are lowered automatically.

20 Inch Floor Scrubber

This 20-inch floor scrubber machine is an automatic floor scrubber with low noise and quiet operation. It is equipped with good-quality scrubbing brushes and a super-absorbent sponge for fast drying. Ideal for schools, supermarkets, railway stations, research institutions, nursing homes, hospitals, and other several places.

Walk Behind Auto Scrubber

Elerein offers this hand-propelled automatic floor washing machine, which can adjust the dirty condition of water level alarm, boars control water level alarm, low voltage protection, and brush plate pressure base area freely. What are you waiting for, contact us now and make your order.

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Floor Scrubber 101: A Complete Guide for Beginners & Experts

If you are wondering what to look for when buying a floor scrubber machine then this guide is for you.

Currently, there are 100s of floor scrubbing machines in the market. They come in different designs, features, sizes, models, or functionalities.

So, before buying your next floor scrubbing equipment, read this guide.

What is Floor Scrubber?


Floor scrubbing machines are mechanical or electro-mechanical equipment with multiple functionalities such as mixing cleaning detergents, scrubbing, and cleaning floors.

They are available in many designs and capabilities depending on the desired performance requirements.

Why Invest in an Efficient Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor Scrubbing Machine
Floor Scrubbing Machine

Scrubbing floors with the right equipment remains a popular way to maintain hygiene.

  • Use less water compared to the normal mop
  • Requires less cleaning solution thereby cutting cost
  • Offer faster cleaning solutions for all floors
  • Reduces the cost of cleaning floors
  • Can remove tough stains with an appropriate detergent
  • They are multifunctional since they can scrub, dry, and polish the floor depending on the configuration.

Floor Scrubber Machine Parts

Floor scrubber manufacturers are ambitious to have the most efficient and reliable floor cleaning machine. As a result, the parts of floor scrubber machines vary depending on the machine configuration.

Interestingly, the parts are such that they can be interchanged. For instance, with the right scrub head, you can clean, scrub and polish the floor using the same machine.

Common parts include:

Parts of Floor Scrubber Machine
Parts of Floor Scrubber Machine

Scrub Head

The scrub head refers to a component that you can find on the front side of the scrubber machine. It mainly consists of a brush. You can easily configure it to disk as well as cylindrical machines.

You may have two options here:

Scrub Head
Scrub Head

· Scrubbing Pad

Floor scrubber manufacturers have incorporated pad assist systems in some floor cleaning machines. With the help of friction forces, they help move the floor cleaning machine forward.

It is important to understand your cleaning requirements before choosing replacement floor scrubber pads. Let’s look at some common options available in the market.

Types of Pads for Floor Scrubbing

Floor Scrubbing Pad
Floor Scrubbing Pad

You can refer to polyester as a synthetic material. It is manufacturing mainly utilizes two materials: terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. Its fibers have the following key features: higher strength, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance.


Nylon refers to a synthetic polymer having an appearance similar to silk-like thermoplastic. The key features that make it desirable for bristles of brush include high oil resistance, elasticity, and damage resistance.

Diamond Abrasive

The diamond abrasive refers to the ideal material that you can utilize for cutting or scrubbing cement floors or concrete. These scrubbers have wide adaptation in the industrial and construction sector. Diamond abrasives are very hard. You are not going to experience any damage to your appearance.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic refers to the plastic material that is an amalgam of different plastic materials. These materials have been recycled to form brush bristles. The recycled plastic does not require any maintenance from your side. It offers higher durability and is loaded with features.

At times, you may base choosing floor scrubber pads depending on the color option. Although this criterion may work, it may not be very accurate. Therefore, focus on the material, texture, and technical attributes of your floor scrubber suppliers.

Some common floor scrubber pad colors are:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black, etc.

Their properties may vary depending on the scrubber pad manufacturer.

Different Colors for Floor Scrubbers
Different Colors for Floor Scrubbers

Brush for Floor Scrubbing Machines

If you are going to clean uneven floors, then choose brushes. They have bristles that effectively clean floors removing all debris.

Whenever you are choosing brushes for floor scrubbing machines, you may consider any of these:

Brush for Scrubbing Floor
Brush for Scrubbing Floor

Vinyl often refers to the short form of PVC (Polyvinylchloride). They have wide adaptability, including higher hardness, unmatchable tensile strength, and cheapness. The bristles of PVC material offer great resistance to environmental degradation.


The polymerization of the propylene monomers leads to the formation of polypropylene. Polypropylene leads to the formation of high-quality brushes that you can use in scrubber machines.

The key features of this material include high flexibility, zero moisture absorbance, and a slippery surface. No acid or base can affect the appearance of this specific scrubber material.

Animal Based Products

Animal-based products include wool, feather, etc. After passing through a series of processes, you can convert these products into bristles. These materials are chemically inert and do not react with the chemicals or suffer degradation. The brushes made from such materials last longer.

Depending on the specifications, they may have the following configurations for the scrub deck:

Disc Scrubber for Floors

Floor Disc Scrubber
Floor Disc Scrubber

These components have a circular shape. They scrub or clean the floor through a rotary motion.

You will realize that disc scrubbers are popular due to their ease of maintenance, durability, and affordability. You can easily change brushes or cleaning pads.

However, if you are cleaning floors with many debris, there is a high possibility of clogging. A reason is recommended to clean the debris before scrubbing floors with these machines.

Still, the disc scrubbers can handle tough stains and heavy-soiled floors. Of course, this is due to their ability to exert more downward pressure.


Cylindrical Scrubbers for Floors

They have brushes running horizontally. Depending on the cleaning requirements, you may have single or dual brushes. This scrub deck can:

  • Sweep floor
  • Scrub floor

However, you may need to clean the large debris before cleaning starts.

Unlike disc scrubbers, these floor cleaning machines are not popular due to high initial and maintenance costs. Besides, you can only use brushes thereby limiting your floor cleaning options.

Cylindrical Brush
Cylindrical Brush

Oscillating Scrubbers for Floors

Oscillating Scrubber
Oscillating Scrubber

It is a new technology that features both cylindrical scrubbers and disc scrubbers. At the moment, you can only find the technology in a few machines since is the most expensive option. These scrubbers are also known as orbital scrubbing machines.

At the same time, you can only use pads in oscillating scrubbers.

Some advantages of oscillating scrubbers are:

  • More aggressive cleaning
  • Significant water saving

Floor Scrubber Drive Motor

Converting electrical power into rotary motion for cleaning the floor you need an electric motor. It is the motor that creates a rotary motion for cleaning floors.


You can refer hopper as a perforated closure that is present behind the scrub head. Its main role is to collect the debris during machine operation. The pores inside let the excess water drain out, leaving dirt, debris, or grime behind.

Squeegee Assembly

It comprises a rubber that plays a main role in removing water or moisture. The squeegee materials will not rust because they resist the reaction of various chemicals. A squeegee prevents the person from falling off or slipping on the floors.

Vacuum System

With an integrated vacuum fan, it helps remove excess moisture when cleaning the floor. The vacuum system also features a filter or screen which filters out excess dirt or moisture. This operation begins after the brushes have finished their operation.

Solution System/tank

Its main function is to directly dispense the liquid solution from the tank onto the scrubber head. It can be anything, either clean water or a detergent solution.

Recovery System

The recovery system comprises a recovery tank. Its main role is to hold the dirty water.

This is what the vacuum system and squeegee collect. The recovery system ensures the separation of clean water from dirty water. With the help of the hose at the bottom, you can effectively drain out the recovery system or tank. In the end, this prevents mold formation or bacteria with time.

Again, you should choose the recovery tank depending on the cleaning requirements. For instance, cleaning very large floors requires a bigger recovery tank and solution tank.

Ideally, it prevents possible stops to refill the tank.

Power System

Depending on the hard floor cleaner scrubber type, you can power your cement floor scrubber differently. The main power systems include batteries, gas, diesel, electricity, etc.

Operational Interface

The operational interface is what allows the operator to interact with the machine. The operational interface contains all controls and a screen to evaluate the different parameters. Utilizing the operational interface, you can tweak the machine’s operation.

These can include intelligent control systems for

Types of Floor Scrubbing Machines

There are many floor-cleaning machines available in the market with varying designs and configurations. The best floor scrubber will mainly depend on whether the machine can meet your unique cleaning specifications or not.

Let’s summarize the most common machines in the table below:

Floor Cleaning Machine Design

Floor Scrubber Types
Floor Scrubber Types


Types of Floor Scrubbing MachinesMain Features and Function
Ride on floor scrubber· You will sit on the floor scrubbing machine, then “ride” or “drive” it around as you clean.

· They are suitable for cleaning large areas and offer a faster cleaning mechanism.

· Of course, they are costly due to their design.

· The machines are characterized by larger tanks

Walk behind floor scrubber· They have handles requiring users to push the scrubber on the floor. That is an operator who “walks behind” the scrubber will control its operations.

·  Although the cleaning process is relatively slow, it is best for places with are difficult to reach such as under workbenches, corners, etc.

Automatic floor scrubber· The level of automation may vary depending on the manufacturer

· However, it simply implies that the floor scrubbing machine can perform certain operations without human intervention

· That is those that can clean remotely using an application or software. Whereas some machines can perform certain diagnostic operations.

Robotic floor scrubbers/Autonomous Floor Scrubbers· You need software to control the floor cleaning operation.

· The machine is equipped with sensors and robotic systems to help in the navigation process

· In most cases, the floor cleaning machines can be controlled using a remote control or software application depending on the options manufacturers offer

Hand-held floor scrubber· These are very small floor cleaning accessories you can operate when holding with one hand

· They are perfect for hard-to-reach places where walk behind floor scrubbing machine may not offer an ideal solution

Manual floor scrubber· They are suitable for cleaning small floor areas.

· Most equipment in this category are small, cumbersome to use, and has very few features and components

· Additionally, most don’t have electrical components. They have a handle and scrubbing brush or pad which is stationary.

Single disc floor scrubber· Alternatively, you may refer to the machine as a single brush floor scrubber

· Most single-disc machines are characterized by low-speed scrubbing head

· Initially, most machines did not have recovery tanks requiring users to have vacuum systems to remove the slurry.

Low-speed floor scrubber· As the name suggests, the scrubbing heat rotating speed is slow. Therefore, completing floor cleaning operations will take longer.
Steam floor scrubber· Steam scrubbers for floors are gentle and perfect options for sanitizing. It is a perfect alternative where you need a chemical–free sanitization process

· Steam combined with a rotary scrubbing mechanism provides a better floor-cleaning effect.

Twin brush floor scrubber· You can also refer to the machine as a double disc. Also, their design is closely similar to the dual cylindrical floor scrubber.

· In most cases, the brushes or pads rotate in opposite directions offering an efficient cleaning mechanism in just a single pass.

· The cylindrical brush scrubbers offer perfect cleaning for recessed floor



Area of Application of Use

Types of Floor Scrubbing MachinesMain Features and Function
Commercial floor scrubber· Also called an industrial floor scrubber

· These floor cleaning equipment are designed for large floor cleaning. A good example is the warehouse floor cleaner, gym floor scrubber, etc.

Residential floor scrubber/small floor scrubber/mini floor scrubber· They are small scrubbers for floor design for home use


Means of Powering Floor Cleaning Machine

Types of Floor Scrubbing MachinesMain Features and Function
Electric floor scrubber· Some cables help to power the machine

· Areas the machine can clean are limited to the length of the power cable

Battery-powered floor scrubber or battery floor scrubber· They are mobile, however, they are limited to the duration battery can retain power

· Battery scrubbers are more expensive than electric designs

· The most common batteries for floor scrubbing machines are Lead acid, AGM batteries, or lithium-ion batteries

Gas-powered floor scrubber·  They use gasoline to get the cleaning power. Usually, these floor scrubbing machines have an internal combustion engine. It burns gasoline to produce enough power for the floor-cleaning process.

Type of Floor to Clean


Types of Floor Scrubbing MachinesMain Features and Function
Tile Floor Scrubber·         They are equipped with special pads for cleaning tiles.
Cement floor scrubber or concrete floor scrubber·         These are floor scrubber machines optimized for cleaning cement floors.

·         They come as a rotary brush or rotary disc floor scrubbers

·         In case your concrete floor has a recessed surface, you can choose a cylindrical brush

Hardwood floor scrubber·         Either the brush or pads are specifically designed to clean hardwood. Of course, the other structures and designs are similar to other machines.
Vinyl floor scrubber·         Best for cleaning vinyl floors

·         Usually, the machines have special cleaning discs or pads which are based on rotary brush/cleaning mechanism


Apart from these two main ways to classify floor scrubbing machines, others may include functionality such as:

· Floor Scrubber Polisher

These machines can scrub floors, clean floors, and polish floors at the same time. At times, this floor cleaning equipment is also called a floor scrubber polisher machine.

· Classification by Size

Floor scrubbing machines are available in many sizes. For example, you can choose the 12-inch floor scrubber, 13-inch floor scrubber, or 17-inch floor scrubber.

In most cases, we determine the size by evaluating the floor cleaning media (i.e. floor cleaning brush or floor cleaning pad).

· Floor Scrubber Dryer

Usually, these floor-cleaning machines are capable of cleaning and drying the floor at the same time. It is an example of a multi-functional floor-cleaning accessory.

Of course, depending on the nature of the cleaning surface, you can go for a heavy-duty floor scrubber, hard floor scrubber, wet floor scrubber, marble floor scrubbing machine, etc. Ideally, the machine structure is the same except for the scrub head.

How Floor Scrubbing Machine Works


With the hundreds of floor scrubbing machines available in the market, you can expect slight variation in the working principle.

For the scope of this section, the focus will be on the general working principle. Of course, this will be regarding some common machines in the market.

Take a look:

How Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine Works

Single Disc Floor Scrubber
Single Disc Floor Scrubber

In most cases, these floor cleaning equipment are electric-powered machines. Once you switch on the power, it energizes the electric motor.

Under normal circumstances, these machines have high torque electric motors due to their advantage such as:

  • Easy integration and high accuracy
  • Ability to attain low speed while delivering high torque
  • Both vibration and noise are relatively

Therefore, once you power the rotary floor scrubber, the motor will deliver high torque at a low speed to the scrub head. The scrub head will begin to rotate thereby removing all dirt on the floor.

In case you have an advanced machine, it may have a clean water tank. Therefore, as the scrub head rotates, it will sprinkle water making it easier to dislodge or remove dirt from the floor.

Unfortunately, you will require another machine to “pick -up” the slurry from the floor.

Depending on your unique cleaning requirements, you may opt for an improved version of the single disc scrubbing machine. That is the dual cylindrical floor scrubber.

Dual Cylindrical Floor Scrubber
Dual Cylindrical Floor Scrubber

Although how this floor scrubber work remains the same, they feature a different configuration.

That is;

These machines have two cylindrical brushes. The brushes are always contra-rotating. Therefore, as the brushes spin in opposite directions, they guarantee fast and thorough cleaning.

How Ride-on and Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbing Machines Work

Walk Behing vs Ride on Floor Scrubber
Walk behind vs ride on floor scrubbing machine

First, even before exploring the working principle of these floor-cleaning machines, it is worth noting the following:

  • Ride on a machine – an operator will sit on the machine and “drive or ride” it around like a “small car”.
  • Walk behind the machine – an operator will push the machine around on the floor

Let’s get to basics.

You can opt for these three options when it comes to energizing these machines:

Electric Powered­ floor scrubbing machineyou will connect the machine to a power source. The electric energy will cause the electric motor and other electrical components to function. The area they can clean is limited to the length of the electrical cable.

Battery-powered floor scrubber – the only difference here is that you will charge a battery. The battery will then deliver sufficient energy to power the electric motor for the scrubber to function. Additionally, the working time depends on the amount of power the battery can retain.

Gasoline-powered floor scrubbing machine – it is common in very large floor cleaning equipment. Still, you will use a gasoline-powered engine to produce a torque that can cause the scrubber head to rotate.

With this in mind, let’s go a step further:

Once you power the machine, the floor scrubbing head will begin to rotate. Depending on the machine design and floor surface to clean, you may have:

  • Floor disc cleaning pad
  • Floor disc cleaning brush
  • Cylindrical brush

As the cleaning head rotates, the floor cleaning machine will sprinkle water or a mixture of water and detergent. At the same time, the floor cleaning machine will also move forward.

This action will effectively remove dirt on the floor.

At the same time, these machines are equipped with a squeegee for floor scrubbers. Usually, the floor scrubber squeegee is an assembly component located just behind the floor cleaning head.

With the help of floor scrubber squeegee blades, it will collect dirty water from the scrubbing head. It directs this water to the machine’s vacuum system and back to the recovery tank.

Consequently, this leaves a clean floor without dirty water from the floor scrubbing head. A traction motor system in the walk-behind floor scrubber helps in maneuverability.

Usually, it helps to move the machine forward. If you combine this with the bad assist system or motion due to the floor scrubbing head, it greatly reduces user fatigue.

On the other hand, the ride-on floor cleaner has wheels to help with maneuverability.

Floor Scrubber Maintenance Checklist

There is this assumption that maintaining a floor scrubber involves replacing parts or just cleaning the machine after use.

Well, the maintaining floor scrubbing machine goes beyond that. You must adopt realistic and reasonable floor cleaning and scrubbing practices.

Let’s look at some best practices to ensure your floor cleaning machine remains efficient:

Preparing the Floor Before using a Scrubber

Even if you go for the best floor scrubber and you subject the machine to unsafe working conditions, it will fail within a few days. Therefore, you can use a floor sweeper to remove dirt or dirt before the actual cleaning begins.

Check the Floor Scrubbing Pads or Scrubbing Brushes

Usually, the floor cleaning pad or floor cleaning brushes are subjected to wear. In most cases, they are easy-to-access accessories with simple tools.

You can also review the floor scrubber manufacturer’s manual on the pad or brush replacement process. Additionally, you should clean the floor cleaning brush or head immediately after use.

Clean Floor scrubber Squeegee

Depending on the floor cleaning machine, this section is either fixed with screws or clips. In most cases, when floor cleaner starts leaving dirty water on the floor, it is a sign of a faulty scrubber machine squeegee.

Furthermore, you should clean the squeegee after use.

Pay Attention to Wear Indicator

You should check the wear indicator to know whether the scrubber brushes require replacement. Otherwise, you must clean the scrubber brushes immediately after use.

Check the Vacuum Hose

It helps move dirty water collected by the squeegee to the recovery tank, especially in the automatic floor scrubber machines.

Clean the Tanks Regularly

Cleaning your floor scrubber tank regularly is an important maintenance practice you cannot ignore. So, even as your buy a floor scrubbing machine, ensure you can easily access the tanks.

Checking Battery and Charging System

When using a battery floor scrubber, you must check the charging systems and cables. This should be a common practice when dealing with electric-powered floor scrubbers as well.

For instance, you may have a floor scrubber not charging or a floor scrubber battery draining fast. In such a situation, you may consider replacing the battery for your floor scrubber.

In short, even as you use a scrubber to clean the floor, following the recommended machine rating is paramount. It will ensure your machine operates within the desired conditions which will guarantee safety and ensure the machine serves you for long.

How to Choose a Floor Scrubbing Machine

Floor Scrubbing Machine System
Floor Scrubbing Machine System

Throughout this guide, we have covered essential aspects you need to know about these floor-cleaning machines.

But, how do you choose the best scrubber for floors?

Here is a quick checklist:

· Scrubber Size

The scrubber size matters. It plays a great role in influencing the time and speed with which you can accomplish the cleaning task.

Additionally, the size of the scrubber for floors will also determine the portability and storage requirements. That is, you can only use electric-powered scrubbers where there is an electric power connection.

· Floor Section or Area

The nature and type of floor will determine which floor scrubber machine to use. For instance, large surface areas will require a ride-on floor scrubbing machine. Whereas very tight sections may only require handheld floor scrubbing machines.

· Battery Type


The type of battery determines how much backup you are going to enjoy. An effective and efficient battery will allow you to enjoy more working hours. Choose the scrubber for the floor with a battery backup of at least 4 to 5 hours.

In short, if your floor requires frequent cleaning, you must ensure a reliable source of power. However, if you opt for a battery scrubber, then it must guarantee long working hours after a full charge.

· Nature of the Floors

Remember, floors are made from different materials. Although the scrubber machine for floors may have the same configurations, you must choose a suitable pad or brush.

For this reason, you will find cement floor scrubbing machines or hardwood floor scrubbing machines. Such equipment has been optimized to provide optimal cleaning for every surface.

Let’s compare two practical scenarios:

  • For a polished concrete surface, the normal brush or disc will guarantee a clean surface.
  • Rough concrete surface requires a cylindrical brush for effective cleaning.

· Cost of Buying and Operating Scrubber

Floor scrubbing machine cost varies depending on the design, functionality, and capability. However, the operational cost will depend on your cleaning requirements.

However, adopting good practices when using the floor scrubbing machine can result in significant cost savings. At the same time, floor scrubber manufacturers are currently producing cost-effective and reliable floor-cleaning machines.

· Noise Level

Although these floor cleaning machines produce noise during operation, it should be relatively low. Well, there are acceptable noise levels. However, some can be associated with poor machine maintenance.

· The efficiency of the Scrubber

During the floor scrubbing process, you need an efficient and cost-effective solution. For this reason, before you buy the scrubbing machine for floors, you should consider:

  • Water and detergent usage – choose a scrubber that guarantees effective cleaning while using small quantities.
  • Energy consumption – to power floor scrubbing machines, you need batteries, electricity, gasoline, or diesel. Remember, both the vacuum system and floor scrubbing head consume a lot of energy. You should go for a machine you can operate in eco-mode. Additionally, choosing a machine that can offer optimal cleaning in a single pass will save a lot of energy.
  • Detergent usage – the machine should use less detergent.

Of course, preparing your floor in advance by removing tough stains and dirt will guarantee less energy consumption.

· Ease of Operation

Choose a floor-scrubbing machine that is easy to handle and operate. It will save you the unnecessary training costs.

The controls should be easily accessible with an interactive control interface.

· Maintenance and Availability of Replacement Parts

Go for a color cleaner that is easy to maintain and replacement parts are also available. Remember, part compatibility will ensure the machine operated optimally. In most cases, floor scrubbing machine manufacturers offer replacement parts. You don’t have to worry about this as long as you buy reputable brands.

· Cylindrical Scrubbing or Disc Scrubber

Broadly, these are the main configurations available.

In most cases, the cylindrical options are best for large floor surfaces such as in industries. You will find the configurations in commercial floor scrubbers.

When your floor cleaning requires exerting more pressure to dislodge dirt, then you may consider a disc scrubbing head. Of course, this is alongside its versatility and effective cleaning.

Floor Scrubber Chemicals for Efficient Cleaning

Some of the most common cleaning detergents to use in floor scrubber machines are:

· Ammonia

Ammonia is very important in breaking down stubborn stains and grime. Another feature of this chemical is that it evaporates quickly. You can even remove cooking grease from the floors and render them spotless.

· Bleach

Bleach is important in converting soil particles into colorless and soluble particles. Detergents or chemicals can easily remove these particles. Apart from this, the bleach plays a great role in disinfection. It kills all the bacteria, viruses, and molds on the go. You can enjoy a highly clean and bright surface when you use bleach as a cleaning agent scrubber.

· Vinegar

Acetic acid plays a great role in the destruction of viruses and bacteria. The acidic nature of the vinegar is highly notable. It dissolves even hard deposits of grime, dirt, and rust. You can also use it to kill some types of viruses and bacteria.

· 409

Using a smaller portion of the 409 cleaner can make your cleaning activity more effective. This cleaner can clean out more than 99 percent of germs. These germs include E coli, Salmonella, Staph, etc. You can also use it to kill viruses causing flu and cold.

Floor Scrubber Machine Price

Frankly, it is nearly impossible to give an accurate price:

  • 6,000 USD for a ride on a floor scrubbing machine,
  • 1,300 USD for walk behind-floor scrubbing machine or
  • 255 USD and an upright floor scrubber

As you can see, there is a broad variation as far as pricing is concerned. This is basically due to the varying features and floor cleaning capabilities.

Simply put, everything mentioned in this guide will affect the prices of floor scrubbers. Of course, this can be alongside other factors such as MOQ, material quality, taxes, and other logistics costs.

If you want an accurate price, contact a trusted floor scrubber manufacturer.

Uses of Floor Scrubbing Machine

Although the most common function is scrubbing the floor, this equipment performs a series of operations. It will depend on the design and functionality.

For instance, a basic configuration will only scrub floors. Thereby, removing all possible stains that may contaminate the floors.

However, advanced machines such as automated equipment will:

  • Removes all debris on the floors
  • Disinfects floors depending on the type of detergent used
  • Ability to dry the scrubbed floor to prevent accidental slipping
  • May polish the floor when equipped with the right pad.

Ideally, you can use a floor scrubbing machine to clean all types of floors. Whether you need a floor scrubber for a hospital, warehouse, office, school, garage, or factory, there is a pad that meets your unique specification requirements.


As you can see, floor scrubbing machines offer perfect and effective cleaning solutions. There are unlimited design and performance criteria, depending on your floor cleaning needs and requirements.

With a single disc floor scrubbing machine, you only need to change the scrubber brush or scrubber pad.

At Elerein, we offer ultimate floor cleaning solutions, customized according to your unique requirements and specifications.

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