Gym Floor Scrubber

Gym Floor Scrubber

Elerein Gym Floor Scrubber

Elerein offers a broad selection of heavy-duty floor scrubbers that are suitable for small and big gym areas. You can also choose from our ride-on, walk-behind, or push-type scrubbers. Rest assured that these scrubbers can provide high performance. It is the best alternative to standard mopping cleaning.

Therefore, you can save time and labor. With its low maintenance, you can save cost from frequent repair. These are also designed with compact structure so it can be used under the table, chairs, and other fitness equipment. We also offer a wide range of sizes, configurations, models, designs, and colors to meet your exact requirements. You can guarantee smooth and fast shipment to ensure an on-time delivery.

Gym Floor Scrubber

A gym floor scrubber is an equipment with a cylindrical or disc brush, which uses a cleaning solution to remove dirt, debris, and filthy moisture on the gym floor.

How to Use Gym Floor Scrubber

Firstly, before using the gym floor scrubber ensure that the main parts of the machine are available and attached properly. That is, the scrubbing brush, squeegee, and vacuum hose.

Secondly, check the battery level and that the power cable is plugged properly.

Fill the tank with water and the cleaning solution, turn on the power button, and push the machine forward and back in a rotative motion on the gym floor surface.

To avoid leaving dirty marks on the floor after cleaning lift the machine off the ground from time to time.

After scrubbing, unplug the power cord, drain off the dirty water from the tank, and rinse the tank and the brushes with clean water for the next use.

Types of Gym Floor Scrubber Machines

· Auto Gym Floor Scrubber

This machine is efficient for large gym spaces, it is 95% sanitary because bacterial contamination is very minimal as it uses clean water all the time.

It is less tiresome hence workers don’t have to involve themselves manually to do the cleaning. This machine uses less power and cleaning solution than regular mopping.

It is environmentally friendly since they are battery driven hence don’t emit harmful gases in the gym surrounding.

You can learn more about automatic floor scrubbers.

· Gym Mat Floor Scrubber

This machine is specifically designed to scrub large areas of the gym covered with mats.

A light brush or medium brush is best fitted for this machine.

· Ride on Scrubber for Gym Floor

A ride-on scrubber is battery-powered, easy to operate and one can maneuver across the gym on it comfortably. It is suited for hard floors as it offers a wider cleaning area.

Ride On Gym Floor Scrubber
Ride On Gym Floor Scrubber

You may consider these ride-on floor scrubbers.

· Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Gym

It is also called a pedestrian floor scrubber. Cleaning of small gym spaces and corner areas is made easy with this machine. The machine has an adjustable rotating scrub making it very efficient and cost-effective.

Walk Behind Gym Floor Scrubber
Walk Behind Gym Floor Scrubber

You can consider more options when it comes to the walk-behind floor scrubbers.

· Gym Mate Electric Floor Scrubber

This machine has unlimited working time as it uses electricity. It is very economical and light thus easy to transport.

· Wood Gym Floor Cleaning Machine

This machine is ideally used in the morning to clean gym floors when dirt and dust have settled on the floor.

It ensures cleaning the floor is easier, the cleaning solutions for this machine should be able to remove body fat and sweat without damaging the floor.

· Battery Powered Gym Floor Scrubber.

This floor scrubber is battery-powered. It has great cleaning functionality. It can work up to 5 hours without going off, it is easily maneuverable, and has an in-built charger in case charging is required.

Scrubbing Discs and Pads for Gym Floor Cleaning Machine

Scrubbing discs are more durable than floor pads thus saving money.

The scrubbing disc can work on a variety of surfaces whether hard or soft, unlike floor pads. Besides, the floor pads need regular monitoring to ensure they are not loaded up with dirt, unlike scrubbing discs.

Floor Srubbing Pads
Floor Scrubbing Pads

What to Look for in Best Gym Floor Scrubber

  • Size of the Machine and Tank Size

Choose a machine that can handle large and small floors efficiently according to the surface area of the gym.  Consider a tank size that its capacity can complete the task without stopping to refill the cleaning contents every time.

  • Noise Level of the Machine

A less noisy machine is much better and environmentally friendly.

  • Adjustability of the Pressure and Cleaning Solution

The machine should be easily adjustable to exert floor pressure and the cleaning solution can be diluted or concentrated.

  • Right Cleaning Agent

A neutral PH cleaning solution is required for gym flooring to maintain its appearance, unlike corrosive chemical solutions which will damage the floor.


It is very important to keep the gym floor in good condition, however, to maintain the longevity, appearance, and cleanliness in the gym choose the correct machine for scrubbing.

This machine makes cleaning easier than regular mopping and very it is easy to maintain.

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