High Speed Floor Burnisher

Elerein High Speed Floor Burnisher

A high-speed floor burnisher machine helps you bring that original high shine to your floor. It has enduring visual appeal and is incredibly dependable. This machine has wonderful features and benefits such as robust, heavy-duty floor polishing equipment that is made of all metal. It is designed with a safety lock-out switch to prevent inadvertent start-up. This burnisher is perfect for any cleaning task because of its adjustable pad driver and big transport wheels. For a variety of floors and uses, a wide range of burnishing pads are offered at Elerein. All high-speed floor burnishers are UL approved, CE-certified, and meet various international safety regulations. They also have completely adjustable handles for a comfortable fit.

With an advanced factory, skilled engineering team, and automated manufacturing line, Elerein can supply the right high-speed floor burnisher for your applications or business. We have passed CE, ISO9001, ISO9001:2015, CCC, SGS, and more. All cleaning machines passed the international quality system, providing the best cleaning while being simple to use with incredible performance.

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High Speed Floor Burnisher

A high-speed floor burnisher is used in cleaning floors at a very high speed to give them a perfect shine. It uses steam in achieving high levels of cleanliness because it does not leave behind residues.

These floor burnisher operates at a speed between 1500 to 2500 RPM and may be operated with a cord or powered using propane. It is available in several width options ranging between 20 to 32 inches. High-speed floor burnisher uses either a brush or an abrasive pad in cleaning floors.

Advantages of High-Speed Floor Burnisher

Parts of High Speed Floor Burnisher
Parts of High-Speed Floor Burnisher

Some of the advantages of a high-speed floor burnisher include:


A high-speed floor burnisher makes it possible to clean very large areas using minimum time. This will ensure that you reduce operational costs.

Compatible Finishes

It helps achieve very neat floors within a short period due to its high speed. The floors can achieve a great luster appearance and remain clean for a long time.

Power Choices

High-speed floor burnisher is available in different power options which you can choose from depending on the available needs. They are either cord-operated or powered using propane.


High-speed floor burnisher ensures that floors are well maintained to avoid accidents such as falling.

Easy To Use

A high-speed floor burnisher is easier to use as compared to other conventional methods of buffing floors. Once you have understood the operation principles, it speeds up the cleaning process and reduces strain.

Environmentally safe

High-speed floor burnisher uses steam in cleaning floors in a way that does not leave behind any residues. This ensures the protection of the environment as there are no harmful emissions released.

Types of High-Speed Floor Burnishers

· High-Speed Propane Floor Burnisher

The high-speed propane floor burnisher is powered using propane. It is used in cleaning and polishing floors very fast and you can exchange different sizes of heads depending on the outcome you desire.

The greatest benefit of a high-speed propane floor burnisher is that it does not depend on a power outlet. This makes it possible to move it to a large surface area during the cleaning process.

This feature makes high-speed propane floor burnisher suited for big spaces and open areas such as showrooms and gymnasiums.

Propane-powered High Speed Floor Burnisher
Propane-powered High Speed Floor Burnisher

· High-Speed Electric Floor Burnisher.

A high-speed electric floor burnisher is fitted with a cord that is connected to a power outlet for operation. It is fitted with a motor for high-speed cleaning and safety grips to protect your hands when cleaning.

The high-speed electric floor burnishing has a cord wrap that can easily be removed by lowering its handle. To ensure its strength, the machine has fitted a trigger and switch box.

High-speed electric motor is suited for closed areas such as schools, hospitals, and restaurants as it required a power outlet.

Electric High Speed Floor Burnisher
Electric High Speed Floor Burnisher

How to use High-Speed Floor Burnisher

A high-speed floor burnisher is used in the following steps:


First, you will add the cleaning detergent to the pad of the high-speed floor burnisher and attach it to its head.

After that, switch on the machine and begin cleaning by pushing it along straight lines over the dirty space. Repeat this process at a high speed until the area is clean.


Once the area is cleaned, use a dry pad on the head of the high-speed floor burnisher to finish the area.

Ensure that you rub it frontwards and backward until the area is done.


To ensure that the floor is shiny, apply wax on a pad or cleaning mop and fix it on the head of the high-speed floor burnisher. Use the machine to evenly spread wax on the floors until they shine.

How to Choose High-Speed Floor Burnishing Machine

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a high-speed floor burnishing machine include:


When choosing a high-speed floor burnishing machine, you should consider the speed that you need it to meet. It is available in different speed options ranging between 1500 to 2500RPM.

High-speed floor burnishing machines with speeds between 2000 to 2500 RPM are mostly used for higher speeds and solid finishes. Machines with 1500 RPM are suitable for handling the majority of tasks.

1500RPM High Speed Floor Burnisher
1500RPM High-Speed Floor Burnisher


You should consider brands that have long warranty periods for high-speed floor burnishing machines to achieve efficiency. It is important to choose high-speed floor burnishing machines which can last longer.


Ensure that you select the appropriate size for your high-speed floor burnishing machine depending on the productivity you want to achieve. It is available in different 20 t0 32 inches.

Small-sized high-speed floor burnishing machines are easier to maneuver around small spaces. Big-sized machines are faster at cleaning surfaces. Which ensures efficiency.


A high-speed floor burnisher is an effective tool to include in the cleaning routine as it will ensure faster completion of tasks. There are huge technological advancements in the speed and efficiency of high-speed floor burnisher which have cut down operational and guarantee efficiency.

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