High Speed Floor Polisher

Elerein High Speed Floor Polisher

High speed floor polisher provides an efficient cleaning and polishing for large floor areas. It is mostly used for commercial settings, healthcare facilities, and more. When you need high-speed floor polisher for buffing and polishing floor surfaces, Elerein can provide you the best solution.

You can guarantee that it can offer spotless floor shine with its high speed. These machines are designed with user-friendly controls. It also has low maintenance design so you can save your money from repair cost. These are also manufactured with ergonomic design, comfortable cleaning, and reliable quality. As a trusted high-speed floor polisher supplier, we guarantee competitive prices, fast delivery, and quick lead time to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

High Speed Floor Polisher

High speed floor polishers have inevitably changed so much when it comes to cleaning floors. Talk of the workload that should be achieved and more so time consumed. With high speed floor polisher makes it all easier and faster because of its speed.

A high speed floor polisher is a machine with high speed specification of 1000 to 1500 rpm (revolution per minute). The high speed results in faster rotation of the high speed floor polisher yielding a desirable wet look on your floors.

You can achieve high speed by either powering the high speed floor polisher using an electric cord, propane, or batteries.

High Speed Floor Polisher
High-Speed Floor Polisher

Advantages of High-Speed Floor Polishing Machine

A high speed floor polishing machine has numerous benefits due to its high speed specifications. Some of the advantages include;

  • Saves you time: the speed at which this polisher ranges from 100rpm to 1500rpm which means the work will be done faster. There will be less time consumption to complete the task you want.
  • Cost saving: it’s possible to have minimal labor costs and still complete your work fast with a high speed polishing machine.

High speed floor polishing machine works at a high speed completing the work faster compared to traditional mechanisms.

Factors to Consider in High Speed Floor Polisher

The following are the factors to consider in a high-speed floor polisher. They include;

  • Source of power: high speed floor polisher can either be powered through an electric cord, propane, or even batteries. The source of power greatly determines the speed of the high speed floor polisher. Either of these power sources will provide high speed for the floor polishing process.
  • Productivity: ideally, high speed improves productivity thus saving on time and costs. It’s therefore important to look out for the speed specifications while choosing your high-speed floor polisher.

Types of High-Speed Floor Polisher

The most common types of high-speed floor polishers include;

Rotary High Speed Floor Polisher

It’s also known as a high speed or circular polisher. The head spins in a circular motion with a speed of up to 3000rpms, removing any coats on the floor.

The high speed enhances the removal of deep scratch coats while still maintaining the original floor coat.

Rotary High-speed Floor Polisher
Rotary High-speed Floor Polisher

It’s important to note, the high speed may result in damages due to the heat produced when the pad rotates. Hence the right skills are required.

Orbital High-Speed Floor Polisher

The high speed enables to controllably move the polisher in an orbital manner. This makes it easy to control even at high speed. Additionally, it’s ideal for user beginners compared to rotary high-speed floor polishers.

Orbital High-speed Floor Polisher
Orbital High-speed Floor Polisher

Where to Use High-Speed Floor Polishing Machine.

The following are the most common places you use a high-speed polishing machine. The high speed allows this polisher to be used in;

  • Stripping off coatings on the floor
  • Cleaning of tiles and grout
  • Removing wax off the floors
  • With the right motors, they can be used to grind floors

Depending on the usage of the high-speed floor polisher it’s easier to customize to have your speed specifications. This will make it ideal for you to achieve your goal. More so, you can even have a vacuum installed on the polisher for the effective collection of dust.

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