Hospital Dustbin

Elerein Hospital Dustbin

Hospital dustbins are user-friendly and simple clean cleaning tools produced by Elerein. These are frequently utilized in hospitals, eateries, lodging facilities, apartment buildings, etc. It is made to eliminate waste from the property in a safe and proper manner. These medical waste containers shield the outer environment from dangers like infections and punctures. It has superb strength, environment-friendly, frost-resistant, and resistant to chemicals with long service life.

As a professional manufacturer, Elerein offers hospital bins in varied customized options in order to fulfill the variegated demands of our customers. We manufacture all colors and sizes of bins for specific applications such as yellow, white, green, grey, red, blue, etc. It is equipped with a durable foot pedal, lid, solid rubber wheels, pulling the handle, and deep and strong combs. We use high-density polyurethane of the highest quality and an innovative injection molding technology to create a superior quality dustbin.

Always choose Elerein to back up your hospital dustbin requirements. Our rich expertise and knowledge allow us to satisfy you.

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Hospital Dustbin

Hospital dustbins are waste disposal units sued specifically to dispose of hospital waste. Hospital dustbins are specifically made for hospital use and are usually categorized depending on the type of waste they hold.

The use and disposal of hospital waste should follow proper disposal and waste storage procedures. To achieve this, you must use the correct hospital dustbin that meets all the hospital waste handling and storage safety standards.

 Hospital Dustbin
Hospital Dustbin

Types Of Hospital Dustbins

There are different types of hospital waste bins you can use. These include:

Plastic Pedal Dustbin

This type of hospital dustbin has a foot pedal push that is attached to the lid. It works by pressing the pedal with your foot and the resulting mechanism opens the lid.

A plastic pedal dustbin is ideal for the hospital environment because medics and patients are protected from contaminants by not being required to touch the dustbin’s lid.

Plastic Pedal Dustbin
Plastic Pedal Dustbin

Medical Waste Dustbin

Medical waste dustbins are pre-labeled hospital dustbins that require a specific type of medical waste to be disposed of them.

Medical Waste Dustbin
Medical Waste Dustbin

Two Wheeled Pedal Dustbin

Two-wheeled pedal hospital dustbins are hospital dustbins that come with installed wheels. This helps in making moving the dustbin from one location to another much easier. Single-use plastic container

Two Wheeled Pedal Dustbin
Two Wheeled Pedal Dustbin

Sharps Plastic Container

Sharp plastic waste containers are dustbins that are used to store sharp and hazardous hospital materials. This waste may include needles, scalpels, and other sharp materials used in the hospital.

Sharps Plastic Container
Sharps Plastic Container

Bio-Medical Waste Dustbin

These are color-coded hospital dustbins that are made specifically to hold a specified type of hospital waste.

Bio Medical Waste Dustbin
Bio Medical Waste Dustbin

You can also categorize the types of hospital dustbins depending on the type of waste they hold. That is:

  • Pathological waste
  • Sharp waste
  • Recyclable biomedical waste
  • Infectious biomedical waste
  • Clinical laboratories waste
  • Medical chemical waste
  • Discarded or expired medicine waste.

Hospital Dustbin Color Code

Hospital dustbins are color-coded to make it easy for the disposal of hospital waste. Each type of waste has a different color code that represents how that waste should be handled and disposed of.

Some of the common color codes for hospital dustbins include:

Black Dustbin Used in Hospital

Black hospital dustbins are used for general hospital waste collection. This waste may include food waste, mineral water bottles, or even paper waste.

Black Dustbin
Black Dustbin

It is generally used for non-hazardous waste that can be disposed of in the normal way.

Blue Dustbin Used for In Hospital

Blue hospital dustbins are used in storing metal and broken glassware material. It can also be utilized in collecting hazardous sharp objects such as needles, syringes, scalpels, and blades.

Blue hospital dustbins are made from heavy materials that cannot be pieced easily. This makes it ideal for storing hazardous sharp waste.

Blue Hospital Dustbin
Blue Hospital Dustbin

Green Dustbin Used in Hospital

Green hospital dustbins are used to store recyclable materials such as paper and plastic. It is ideal for boosting the hospital’s environmental consciousness.

Green Hospital Dustbin
Green Hospital Dustbin

Red Dustbin Used in Hospital

Red dustbins are used to store dangerous waste that can be recycled. Infectious and recyclable waste may include syringes without needles, medicine plastic bottles, intravenous tubes, gloves, and such waste.

Bio Medical Waste Dustbin
Bio Medical Waste Dustbin

White Dustbin in Hospital

White hospital dustbins are used to safely dispose of all infected sharps waste. These include needles, blades, scalpels, and such like waste.

White Hospital Dustbin
White Hospital Dustbin

Yellow Dustbin Used in Hospital

Yellow hospital dustbins are to store and dispose of biomedical waste. This type of waste may include soiled waste, pathological waste, and pharmaceutical waste.

Yellow Hospital Dustbin
Yellow Hospital Dustbin

Features Of Hospital Dustbins

Some of the features of hospital dustbins include:

· Color Coding Options

These dustbins are available in different color options that include red, green, yellow, black, and blue. They are color-coded depending on the type of waste that they store.

· Disposal Options

Hospital dustbins can also be categorized depending on how the waste may be disposed of. For instance, a red hospital dustbin stores waste to be incinerated while a green hospital dustbin stores materials that should be recycled.

· Capacity

Hospital dustbins are available in different capacity options. This may range from as low as 5lr to as high as 100lt capacity.

The capacity of the hospital dustbin depends on the location where it will be put. For instance, a hospital dustbin inside a patient’s ward is smaller compared to one that is located in the waste disposal room.

· Ad-Ons

Available add-ons for hospital dustbins may include pedals for opening the dustbin, wheels, multiple handles, and stands.

· Shape

Hospital dustbins are also available in different shapes depending on your preferences.

Parts Of the Hospital Dustbin

Some common parts of a hospital dustbin include:

  1. Wheels
  2. Handles
  3. Foot pedal to open and close the dustbin
  4. Comb lift guide
  5. lid

Best Hospital Dustbin Material

Hospital dustbins are made from the strongest plastics available. This may be a combination of two or more plastics or a single type of plastic.

The common material used to make hospital dustbins is polyethylene. This is because it is a strong material and capable of withstanding harsh elements.

Plastic hospital dustbins are ideal for use because of their recyclability, light, and easy to make. The most commonly used manufacturing process for hospital dustbins is injection molding.

Uses of Hospital Dustbin

Some of the uses of hospital dustbins include:

  • used to store and dispose of hospital waste.
  • Used for categorizing waste for ease of disposal.
  • Hospital dustbins also ensure hospital meet their environmental obligations through proper disposal of waste.
  • Waste management and maintaining ecological balance.
  • Eases transportation of waste.
  • Prevent pathogens and infections from spreading from patient to patient due to improper disposal of waste.
  • Enhances hospital appearance by providing people with a good and clean place to dispose of litter.


Color coding is an important aspect when it comes to hospital dustbins. It goes a long way in helping you dispose of hospital waste correctly and safely. So, ensure you factor in the color code and waste disposal options when buying your hospital dustbins.

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