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Industrial Dustbin

Elerein Industrial Dustbin

Elerein manufactures industrial dustbins that are ideal for storing huge amount of waste for proper disposal. It can help in preventing cross-contamination. Our wide selection includes oval foot bin, rectangle foot bin, flappy bin, and more. As a trusted industrial dustbin manufacturer, we offer large capacities ranging from 10 to 1100 liters.

We offer one-stop solution for your applications such as offices or public areas. These are manufactured using superior quality materials including plastic and different types of metals. You can choose from our wide selection of models, sizes, and colors. Using our industrial dustbins can help in promoting a healthy environment. Request a quote today!

Industrial Dustbin

An Industrial dustbin is applicable in disposing non-biodegradable and dry wastes pertaining to a certain industry.

Industrial dustbins play a fundamental role in waste management. We are discussing on the color codes, specifications, parts, material and the specific designs for industrial dustbins.


Industrial Dustbin with Wheels
Industrial Dustbin with Wheels

Specifications for Dustbin for Industrial Use

  • The bins have different specific color codes that represent various industry themes.
  • They come in various sizes, both small and large waste dustbins.
  • Industrial bins have plastic lids that are light weight and easy to use by the people.
  • To ensure ease of mobility, the industrial dustbins come in two options, those with and without wheels.
  • They have smooth contours enabling ease and convenience during the cleaning process.
  • Most of the bins have the foot pedal to assist in opening the lid.

Industrial Dustbin Color Codes

Efficient waste disposal is fundamental in ensuring we keep our environment clean. By color coding industrial dustbin, separating waste becomes easier.

Industrial dustbin color codes exist in colors; – yellow, blue, orange, brown and green.

1. Green Industrial Dustbin

Green color industrial dustbins are useful in disposing any waste that is recyclable in nature. This is a type of waste that we can re-use in its other form to structure new items. They include furniture and metals.

Green Industrial Bin
Green Industrial Bin

At times, there are those who tend to substitute it with green industrial bins.

In most cases, green bins are for wet waste that may include food products.

2. Yellow Industrial Dustbin

Yellow Industrial Bin
Yellow Industrial Bin

Yellow color is functional in the disposing of any waste that is harmful to the environment and one that poses risk to human safety.

The hazardous wastes include radioactive wastes, fumes and other substances that are explosive and flammable in nature.

3. Orange Industrial Dustbin

Orange Industrial Bin
Orange Industrial Bin

Waste exists in different forms; any type of waste appearing in solid form is disposable in the orange industrial dustbin.

Solid wastes involve paper, glass particles, metal parts and plastics.

4. Blue Industrial Dustbin

Blue Industrial Bin
Blue Industrial Bin

The color blue industrial dustbin is applicable in the disposing of waste in liquid form, also known as waste water. Common waste may be detergent, grease, sludge, etc.

5. Brown Industrial Dustbin

In most cases, we use these bins for organic waste disposal such s garden grass.

Brown Industrial Bin
Brown Industrial Bin

Factors Determining Industrial Dustbin Price

· Industrial Dust Bin Sizes

We have the large bulk waste bins and the small size Industrial dustbins.

The large ones are more costly to the small ones. This is because large bins consume large materials during manufacturing.

· Industrial Dustbin Material

Industrial dustbins exist in different materials, the plastics and metals. This depends with the buyers specifications.

The bins made with more durable materials such as Galvanized steel and Iron are more costly than the plastic ones.

Common plastic materials include:

  • PE plastic for indoor applications
  • LDPE and HDPE are best for outdoor uses

· Aesthetics

Highly decorative dustbins are more costly in comparison to the simple ones. This is because they require extra materials and manufacturing time, hence increasing the total output cost.

· Weight of the dustbin

This is the relative mass of a specific industrial dustbin. It is in relation to the size and the raw material of the bin, which can be metal or plastic.

Metal dustbins are more costly in comparison to light weight plastic bins.

Parts of Dustbin for Industrial Use

· Industrial Dustbin with Lid

This is the top adjustable part of the bin that opens during waste disposal and closes to control spillage and odour.

· Industrial Dustbin with Stand

Stands are mostly in metallic form, they are usable in holding and raising the bins from the ground.

· Industrial dustbin with foot pedal

Fundamental role of the foot pedal is to open the lid allowing proper waste disposal.

· Industrial Dustbin with wheels

The wheels are at the bottom part of the dustbin, they are useful for mobility purpose.

· The body of the Industrial bin

This is the entire part of the bin that holds the waste.

Design for Industrial Dustbin for Storage

  • Outdoor Industrial Dustbin Design

These are industrial dustbins with weather resistant properties to ensure they are highly durable because they stay outside the buildings. They enable the disposal of any litter outside of the building.

In most cases, they are made from high quality HDPE.

  • Indoor Industrial Dustbin

The waste bins are in the building and they enable disposal of any waste within the building structure. They are made from PE material.


We encourage proper waste disposal because it is very vital in ensuring the achievement of efficient waste management.

Industrial dustbins play great roles by enabling us to conserve the environment by properly disposing different types of wastes.

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