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Elerein Industrial Floor Polisher

Elerein offer industrial floor polishers excellent in scrubbing, polishing, or buffing a floor. It maintains a floor using a floor polisher revolving brushes or pads. They are a multipurpose cleaning machine for different floor surfaces such as concrete, hard floor, and wooden surfaces. These tools keep any industrial floors cleaner and longer, minimize moistures and dirt damage, protect towards surface cracking. Let Elerein be your trusted industrial floor polisher provider in China. We will help you find the best product suitable for your needs.

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Industrial Concrete Polisher

We manufacture industrial concrete polisher that is ideal for commercial retail spaces, warehouses, and other demanding business places. These machines can effectively polish concrete floor surfaces.

Industrial High Speed Floor Polisher

Our industrial high-speed floor polishing features up to a 20-inch brush or pad diameter. It comes with an electric or battery power source, 13.5amp electrical draw, and a wide range of color choices.

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Industrial Floor Polisher

Industrial floor polisher is a floor cleaning machine designed for industrial settings that has a rotating pad or brush used in buffing and polishing of floors. They help in maintaining floor surfaces appearance that are damaged due to high traffic.

Industrial Floor Polisher
Industrial Floor Polisher

Best Pads for Industrial Concrete Floor Polishing

· Green or Blue Pads

They are used to polish concrete floor that has uneven surface with big marks.

· Black Pads

Coarser pads that are used to remove the top most layer of a concrete surface.

· White Pads

These are soft pads with finer grits that are ideal for smoothening concrete floor.

· Red Pads

Red pads are considered medium grit pads that are preferred when removing light marks on a concrete surface

Industrial Floor Polishing Pads
Industrial Floor Polishing Pads

Types of Industrial Floor Polisher Machines

Electric Industrial Floor Polishing Machine

This is an industrial floor polisher that uses electricity as a source of energy to power the machine. It is usually connected to any electrical socket through a power cord around for it to function.

Electric Industrial Floor Polishing Machine
Electric Industrial Floor Polishing Machine

Battery Powered Industrial Floor polisher

Battery stored energy is used in this machine to power the motor that rotate the pad. However, battery industrial floor polisher works for a period of two to four hours before it is recharged again.

Battery Powered Industrial Floor Polisher
Battery Powered Industrial Floor Polisher

Propane Industrial Floor Polishing Machine.

It is a type of industrial floor polisher that uses propane as a source of energy to power it. Propane industrial floor polisher is the most preferred type when polishing industrial spaces because of the ability to maneuver around without a restriction such as cord limit.

Propane Industrial Floor Polishing Machine
Propane Industrial Floor Polishing Machine

How to Choose Best Industrial Floor Polisher

  • Considering an industrial floor polisher that is easy to operate and maintain
  • Choosing the machine that can last longer considering that it is going to work on different heavy task
  • An industrial floor polisher with many or added features that can make the polishing work easier and effective
  • It is very important to consider Speed level rating of the machine. High speed industrial polisher will make the work go faster and attaining a shiny reflective finish. This high speed is usually above 1000 rotation per minute.
  • The size of the machine will also impact the polishing process. A large industrial polisher will tend to cover large floor space with one pass compared to the small one.
  • The amount of noise produce while polishing. Industrial polishers like the battery powered, they produce less noise compared to the propane powered model.
  • Consider an industrial floor polisher that has a lot of power to complete long hours of work.

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