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Industrial Floor Sweeper

Elerein Industrial Floor Sweeper

Elerein offers high-quality floor sweepers that can provide up to 5 times faster cleaning than a conventional broom. It is widely used for cleaning driveways, walkways, garages, patios, pavements, and more. These sweepers are manufactured with powerful side brushes for effortless sweeping. It can also sweep large areas up to 26000 square feet.

Elerein manufactures an industrial floor sweeper with quiet motors to ensure low to no noise performance. You can also assure up to a 5.25-gallon waste container. Thus, collecting more debris. These sweepers are also lightweight, sturdy, ergonomic, and compact. We can provide you custom industrial floor sweeper according to your needs.

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Industrial Floor Sweeper

Industrial floor sweeper is a cleaning machine with wheels that moves around as it removes and collects dirt from the floor. The machine is designed to work on a bigger surface like the commercial space that needs regular cleaning on daily basis.

Functions of Industrial Floor Sweeper

  • This machine is used to remove debris from the floor
  • It collects dust from the ground and store it in a dust bin that is later disposed.
  • Commonly known for sweeping as it moves around.
  • Vacuuming the floor surface
Industrial Floor Sweepers
Industrial Floor Sweepers

Industrial Floor Sweeper Parts

Brush rolls and brooms

It is used to sweep dirt and collect it from a floor surface


Plastic container that is placed below the machine to receive and store dirt from the brush rolls as the machine is sweeping for later disposal.


They are responsible for directing the industrial floor sweeper in any direction that needs to be cleaned. The different types of controls are power switch, debris hopper or dustbin release, brush height adjustment and speed settings.


Helps in prevention of dust to blow back in the air causing pollution to the environment

Suction hose

It is a flexible plastic tube that is connected to a vacuum cleaner that is attached to the industrial floor sweeper to remove dust from the floor.


A motor is an important component in an industrial sweeper because it helps in regulation of speed on the rotation of brushes when powered on. The motor is there to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that helps in rotating the brushes against the floor.


Help in maneuvering the floor cleaning machine.

How Industrial Floor Sweeper Machine Works

Reduction of dust is done before sweeping an area by sprinkling water around dusty part. Many industrial floor sweepers come with a sprinkler that is attached to the machine which makes that work easier and consuming less time.

Industrial floor sweepers are powered by fuel, battery or gas. The brush of the machine starts to rotate around as it sweeps when the machine is turned on. The operator will push the brushes down against the surface and also control the amount of speed through the controls. This controls are usually automatic and are connected to the specific parts that require adjustments.

Machine’s brushes as they rotate around, they loosen dirt that are stuck on the floor. The small brushes collect and direct dirt to the main broom brush at the center which carries the dirt into the dust bin. The excess dust on the floor is suctioned up by the help of the suction hose that does vacuuming.

Types of Brushes in Industrial Floor Sweeping Machines

Side brushes

They are usually two brushes positioned at the front of the machine that sweeps dirt away from the walls directing them to the main brush.

Gutter brushes

These brushes come in handy when trying to clean drainage channels that are clogged. They clean in ways that the other bushes cannot clean such as fitting in narrow channels as they clean.

Main broom brush

A cylindrical brush that is bigger than the rest of brushes in an industrial floor sweeper machine.it receives dirt from the side brushes in large quantities and moves them into the dustbin.

Dust filters

They protect the air from dust pollution as the machine is sweeping by trapping fine dust particles.

Side broom brushes

Small in size brushes that are located on the side of the industrial floor sweeper. They are designed to direct dirt towards the main broom brush for collection into the dustbin.

Curb brushes

A curb brush is a unique brush made specifically to clean along the curbs and corners

Disk brushes

Circular shaped brushes that are places below an industrial floor sweeping machine to effectively remove stains from the floor.

Types of Industrial Floor Sweeper Machine

Industrial Floor Sweeper with Rotating Brushes

It is an industrial floor sweeper that comes along with rotating brushes that are useful to thoroughly remove stubborn stains and dirt on the floor. The motor powers up the rotation of brushes and the speed of brushes can be regulated depending on the type floor the machine is working on.

Floor Sweeper Rotating Brush
Floor Sweeper Rotating Brush

Industrial Electric Floor Sweeper

An industrial floor sweeping machine that uses electricity as a source of energy to power it up. This machine is designed to be easily operated hence have high level of efficiency during cleaning.

Features of Electric Floor Sweeper
Features of Electric Floor Sweeper

Battery Operated Industrial Floor Sweeper

Uses battery storage energy to power the machine to effectively clean the floor. It is an eco-friendly machine because it does not emit harmful gas in air hence a good choice to work in an enclosed building. Battery operated industrial sweeper is quiet when working compared to others.

Battery Operated Industrial Floor Sweeper
Battery Operated Industrial Floor Sweeper

Robotic Industrial Floor Sweeper

An independent automatic industrial floor sweeper that is designed with a built in program to perform cleaning work by itself.

They navigate around the working space and avoid obstacle by the use of ultrasonic sensors they have.

Robotic Floor Sweeper
Robotic Floor Sweeper

Manual Industrial Floor Sweeping Machine

Manual labor is required by this machine to operate. A person pushes it from behind while it sweeps and it has a low capacity for sweeping up debris.

Manual Industrial Floor Sweeper
Manual Industrial Floor Sweeper

Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper

This is a heavy duty machine that is designed to perform heavy cleaning tasks and an operator controls it while seated on it. They work faster on large area surface.

Industrial Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

A heavy duty industrial floor sweeper that operate by a person walking behind it. Unlike the manual type, this one does not require a lot of physical energy for it to work.


Industrial Floor Sweeper Scrubber

Machine that is designed to perform both the duties of agitating the floor surface with water to remove stains and at the same time it can be used for sweeping.

How to Choose Best Industrial Floor Sweeper

Dustbin Size

The larger the dustbin means the machine will work for a long time before emptying the dustbin hence continuous uninterruptable work flow.

Size of Cleaning Space

The size of the space you are going to work with will influence the choice of machine you will pick. Small spaces require small machine like the manual industrial floor sweeper while big spaces will require machines like the industrial ride on floor sweeper.

Power Source

Choice of industrial floor sweeper will also depend on energy source one is capable of maintaining while using it. For instance, electric powered industrial floor sweepers are easy to maintain than the battery type.


Purchasing a good industrial floor sweeper machine will depend on the value for money the machine has. This means picking a machine that well suits your needs and at the same time it goes with your budget.

Best Features

Looking for industrial floor sweeper that have good added features such as dust control systems and adjustable brushes. They contribute to a more effective cleaning.

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