Industrial Mop Bucket

Elerein Industrial Mop Bucket

Industrial mop buckets are designed with sturdy wheels to withstand heavy-duty cleaning operation. With its premium casters, these buckets can be moved around easily. Elerein is your top choice when it comes to your industrial bucket needs. We make sure that each bucket is manufactured according to BICS standards. Rest assured that it can provide protection against cross-contamination.

Our industrial buckets are manufactured with rounded tip wide bucket design. Therefore, it can prevent spills, leaks, and splashes. These buckets are design with ergonomic features for a comfortable cleaning. As a professional manufacturer, Elerein offers a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors. We can also manufacture based on your specific requirements. Elerein has expert R&D team, strict quality control, and advanced production techniques. Request a quote today!

Industrial Mop Bucket

An industrial mop bucket is an equipment that eases the process of cleaning for cleaners. In most cases, they feature both the mop and wringer making the entire cleaning process easier.

More so, the industrial mop bucket comes with wheels that provide effortless movements during cleaning. They also come in different sizes and colors depending on your specifications.

Best Material for Industrial Mop Bucket

Types of Industrial Mop Bucket
Types of Industrial Mop Bucket

It’s important to consider the kind of material used in making an industrial mop bucket, which should it is durable but also economical.

The majority of industrial mop buckets are made of plastic which is the most ideal material. Industrial mop buckets are made of polypropylene plastic.

This type of plastic is lighter, more durable, and more economical compared to any other materials.

Parts of Industrial Mop Bucket

Parts of Industrial Mop Bucket
Parts of Industrial Mop Bucket

It’s important to know the different parts that make an industrial mop bucket before choosing one. these parts include;

  • Bucket: the bucket holds water that is used during cleaning without any spillage. This bucket has wheels that provide ease of movement when carrying water.
  • Wringers: wringers keep off excess water from the floor to prevent accidents. Wringers remove excess water from the mop by pressing it down.

There are various types of wringers options to choose from such as;

  • Side press wringer
  • Down press wringer
  • Reverse press wringer
  • Funnel press wringer
  • Dirty water bucket: dirty water bucket helps to separate dirty water from clean water and also soapy water. the dirty water bucket minimizes the number of times you have to change your water during cleaning. This makes improves the efficiency of the industrial mop bucket.

Industrial Mob Buckets Color Options

Normally, an industrial mop bucket comes in different colors depending on the environment you are cleaning and detergents. the following are the color options available;

  • Red: this industrial mop bucket represents hazards. You can use this red industrial mop bucket for places like urinals and toilets which are prone to high contamination.
  • Yellow: yellow industrial mop bucket can be used in areas with low risks. For instance, you can use it when cleaning bathroom mirrors and sinks.

It also serves as a warning that the floors could be wet thus caution is necessary.

  • Black: when cleaning food storage areas or even hallways, then the black industrial mop bucket is the ideal one.
  • Blue: to clean hallways, and working offices, you can use the blue industrial mop bucket. It’s more suitable for areas with low risks.
  • Green: Green if life, these kinds of buckets are suitable places such as kitchens environment and food preparation areas.

 Sizes of Industrial Mop Buckets

Industrial mop buckets come in different sizes depending on the job you want to achieve. These sizes range from;

  • Small
  • Medium
  • large

How to Choose Industrial Mopping Bucket

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing an industrial mop bucket. They include;

  • Dirty water bucket: separating dirty water from clean water is essential, it saves largely on the constant change of water. It’s therefore ideal to look out for these when you choose an industrial mop bucket.
  • Size of the industrial mop bucket: the larger the industrial mop bucket the larger the coverage of cleaning. You will require a bigger mop hence achieving the same amount of work faster.
  • Color coding: color coding greatly helps you under where to use industrial mop bucket with different colors. This is essential in medium to large industries to prevent imposing contaminations.
Industrial Mop Bucket Color Coding
Industrial Mop Bucket Color Coding
  • Wringers: The wringers should be less strenuous for ease of use of cleaners.
  • Wheels: moveability of industrial mop buckets is important. Janitors should not lift these buckets in the current era. It’s therefore important to choose an industrial mop bucket with wheels for ease of movement.

Factors Determining Industrial Mopping Bucket Prices.

They include;

  • Size of industrial mop bucket: the larger the industrial mop bucket the more you will pay.
  • Additional accessories mops, and extra wringers will lead to an increase in the cost of an industrial mop bucket.


With the emerging technology, industries, and businesses are shifting from the traditional mop bucket to the industrial mop bucket. With an industrial mop bucket, there is a continuous transition cleaning making it more efficient.

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