manual floor sweeper

Manual Floor Sweeper

Elerein Manual Floor Sweeper

Manual floor sweeper can only start moving forward when the operator pushes the machine forward with the handle, implying that the operator’s legs are the only “forward drive” on this type of cleaning machine. As a result, manual push sweepers are the most environmentally friendly sweepers in the industry. They are typically smaller and can be used to sweep small to medium-sized floors quickly and easily.

Quality is one of Elerein’s core values, and the manual floor sweeper is extremely durable. The device frame is coated steel with ABS canisters to resist any strikes, and the wheels are much larger than standard, mounted on self-lubricating bearings for easier handling and less exertion. They can be customized to your specifications. For bulk orders, please contact us.

Manual Floor Sweeper

A manual floor sweeper is designed piece of cleaning equipment that moves forward when the user pushes the equipment using a handle. The machine can only move in a forward direction. A manual floor sweeper is designed to clean dry and even surfaces and cannot clean wet surfaces since the pick-up capacity will be limited.

Manual Floor Sweeper
Manual Floor Sweeper

Parts of Manual Floor Sweeping Machine

Power supply– some floor sweepers are electric and use internal batteries hence needs power supply to be recharged for use.

Brushes and scrubbing heads– this are used together with the mechanical movements to remove even most stubborn dirt.

Squeegees– are located at the back part of the machine to dry the floor after it has been scrubbed. This is crucial to ensure the area can be used within a short period of time since the machine cannot clean a wet surface.

Vacuum motors– this is essential for removing dirt from the floor and directing the dirt to the dust bag.

Dirt bag– this is used to collect the dirt cleaned from the floor. The dirt bag is easily removable and attachable to help with easy disposal when full.

How to Use Manual Floor Sweeper

Manual floor sweeping equipment are easy to use and cost friendly since it does not require any to function despite of some electrical floor sweepers. To use the machine, one has to hold the handle of the equipment and push towards the region to which you want to clean. The sweeper consists of rollers, brushes that move mechanically due to pushing. A container that holds dirt is also located at the bottom part.

Manual Floor Sweeping Machine
Manual Floor Sweeping Machine

How to Choose Best Manual Floor Sweeper

The area of cleaning– if the area of work is huge, a ride-on-scrubber is essential where as if the area of work is small walk-behind floor scrubbers are good to be used.

The type of floor– different floors require different type of scrubbers and brushes.

Maintenance required– all machines require maintenance in order to maintain efficiency. Choose a floor scrubber that is easy to maintain.

Scrubber or sweeper– this depends on the type of dirt that is to be cleaned up in the work place. Sweepers are used to clean dust and debris, whereas scrubbers are used to clean grease and fine dust.

Cost – consideration of the buying cost together with the maintenance cost must be done.

Where to use Manual Floor Sweeping Machine

As described, a manual floor sweeper is designed to clean dry and even surfaces and cannot clean wet surfaces since the pick-p capacity will be limited.

Regarded that the area of cleaning is flat and dry, here are some application areas to be used; workshops, service stations, construction sites or other small warehouse floors.they are also used in our homes to clean Carpets as well.

Other related products include commercial push sweeper, ride on floor sweeper, and battery floor sweeper.


A manual floor sweeper is an equipment that is used in cleaning of flat and dry surfaces. The equipment moves forward when the user pushes the equipment using a handle and automatically cleans the surface collecting dirt in the dirt bag located within it. A manual floor sweeper can be used in a variety of areas ranging for basic home carpet cleaning to cleaning in workshops and other large work areas regarded that the surface is flat and dry.

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