Ride On Floor Sweeper

Ride On Floor Sweeper

Elerein Ride On Floor Sweeper

Ride On Floor Sweeper product is motorized (via a combustion engine or battery) equipment designed with an operator sitting on board to operate the machine. It is a type of industrial floor sweeper with traction, resilient, impact resistant, and scratch-proof body made for a convenient driving position for the user. It offers high-efficient and effective cleaning. This product has a compact design and high maneuverability, cleaning faster than ever in sharp corners, confined spaces, or narrow corridors. Elerein ride-on floor sweepers can be fitted with big brushes, and debris containers and have powerful forward speed. It is a high-performing sweeper ideal for medium to large surfaces.

Elerein has more than 30 years of ride-on floor sweeper manufacturing experience. We can design smart and functional, heavy-duty machines that maneuver easily. It can  efficiently clean large areas with minimal effort. You can start ordering from 1 piece ride-on floor sweeper here. Our team will accommodate you 24/7.

Find advanced and the latest design ride on floor sweeper on Elerein. We will never disappoint you with our excellent quality products.

  • Professional design and engineering
  • Low MOQ required
  • 24 months warranty
  • 24/7 online assistance
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Ride On Floor Sweeper

Ride on floor sweeper is a machine that removes dirt and solid particles from the floor using a mechanism in which the operator sits on board and steers it.

It uses either the battery or combustion engine for motorization and cleans a vast area of the floor.

Ride on Floor Sweeper
Ride on Floor Sweeper

Ride on Floor Sweeper Parts

· A Brush

This is a component of the sweeping system. The brush is on the front sides of the ride on floor sweeper.

It has the function of moving dirt and concentrating it to the cylinder brush at the center of the machine. The cylinder brush then in turn assembles all the dirt to the container.

· Waste Container

A large size container applicable for collection and storage of all the dirt and debris the machines picks as it moves.

This icomponent of the sweeping system in the ride on sweeper machine.

· Vacuum Fan

The vacuum fan operates by creating a negative force of pressure in the waste container, which in turn ensures dust vacuuming. It is a component of the vacuum system in the ride on sweeper machine.

· Filters

Filters offer prevention of debris and dust from spewing back to the atmosphere. This is a component of the filter system in the ride on sweeper.

· Filter Shaker

A filter shaker serves the purpose of freeing the filters from dirt and dust, ensuring they are clean. It can be either electric or mechanical in nature.

· A steering wheel

This part connects with the system to primarily command and control the direction of the moving ride on sweeper.

· Wheels/ Tyres

They are on the behind sides of the ride on sweeper. They assist in the movement of the machine.

· Nob

It is applicable in increasing and decreasing the pressure of the side brushes.

Ride on Floor Sweeper Parts
Ride on Floor Sweeper Parts

How Ride On Floor Sweeper Machine Works

  • First, start by picking the large debris such as strings, plastics and welding wires to prevent sticking and blocking the brush.
  • Secondly, organize your sweeping pattern in straight lines to ensure long smooth runs.
  • Thirdly, get into the machine and obtain a comfortable sitting position. Then start the engine.
  • Check and set safe speeds that suit the existing working condition ensuring your hands and feet are within the cab space.
  • Switch the safety hazard lights on throughout the sweeper movement.
  • Switch the directional pedal to control the speed of the machine.
  • Check both the main and side brush, then start by lowering the main and proceed to lower the side brush.
  • Ensure the hopper door is closed during sweeping.
  • Travel in a low speed sweeping and ensuring the brushes and the vacuum do not run in wet areas.
  • While on motion avoid sudden sharp turns and parking on inclines.
  • After collecting dirt and the hopper is full, raise the side brush and turn off the main brush.
  • Turn off the vacuum fan and then put on the filter shaker to clean the vacuum filters.
  • Then open the hopper to dump off the dirt.
  • On completion, put all the controls off. Then put the brake to parking position.
  • Allow the engine to idle for about half a minute and later shut off.

Types of Industrial Floor Sweeping Machine

· Commercial Ride on Floor Sweeper/Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper

This is a sit on board, large area surface cleaning machine with big debris containers and large brushes for sweeping.

It has a powerful and robust vacuum and filtration systems to ensure vast area cleaning without a breakdown.

Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper
Industrial Ride on Floor Sweeper

The machine removes solid debris and dust by the use of rotary brushes to perform the sweeping action.

Ride on Electric Floor Sweeper

This is an emission free   machine that uses electricity energy to clean the floor, it is mostly preferable for indoors surfaces.

Ride on Electric Floor Sweeper
Ride on Electric Floor Sweeper

Battery Powered Ride on Floor Sweeper

This machine runs on chargeable batteries to removes dirt and solid particles from the floor. It uses a mechanism in which the operator sits on board and steers it using batteries as the power source.

The battery powered models are environmental friendly as they are exclusive of exhaust fumes and noise pollution.

Battery Powered Ride on Floor Scrubber
Battery Powered Ride on Floor Scrubber

Factors Affecting Ride on Floor Sweeper

1. Source of Power

Ride on floor sweeper come in different models. There are those that obtain power from batteries and others run from petrol.

The power source also determines the friendly environment for use.

Petrol powered models are conducive for use in large open areas due to the noise and release of exhaust fumes during work.

These models using batteries for power are friendly for use in areas that are enclosed due to their cleanliness in operation.

2. Type of the Surface

We have different floor types as well as different models of ride on floor sweepers for each specific floor.

The sweepers are adaptable to specific surfaces. We have those fit for hard surfaces such as concrete and others for soft grounds.

3. Area Size

The working space width should be corresponding to the size of the ride on floor sweeper.

Large and vast areas of work require a large, vigorous and a strong machine to tackle the cleaning with convenience.

4. Ease of Operation

Different models have different specifications and ways of use. We have the complex and the simple models.

It should be a model that offers ease of understanding in all its facets of operation.

We should as well check on a ride on floor that offers the operator comfort during the riding process for swiftness.

5. Quality of the Filtration System

The filter system is a very crucial component of the ride on floor sweeper machine.

This system should contain good filters to provide prevention of the debris and dust from dropping back to the environment.

A good filtration system offers efficiency in the sweeping operation.

6. Ease of Maintenance

An efficient ride on sweeper should be one that has low and close to no breakdowns when in use.

This makes the sweeping operation short, cost-effective and efficient.

Other product you may consider include commercial push sweeper, battery floor sweeper, carper sweeper, and industrial floor sweeper.


Ride on floor sweeper is go to machine for everyone that yearns for productivity and convenience in vast areas cleaning.

The machines come in different models and are built versatile for various surfaces to allow ease and efficiency in sweeping.

The motorization factor in the operation facets of the ride on floor sweeper offers the most admirable output to user.

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