Scrubber Dryer

Scrubber Dryer

Elerein Scrubber Dryer

Elerein manufactures scrubber dryers that can effectively, thoroughly, and quickly clean different floor surfaces. These machines are very easy to use. It features a compact design for confined or tight spaces. You can also guarantee that these are designed with low noise operation for comfortability. With its sturdy construction, rest assured that it can last for many years. It also has low maintenance so you can save money and time on the repair. You can also guarantee that these are eco-friendly with ergonomic hand controls.

With our scrubber dryer, we can help your cleaning project become easy and accessible. As a professional manufacturer, Elerein can manufacture based on your specific details such as size, model, design, color, logo, and packaging. We also provide affordable prices without compromising quality. Boost your cleaning projects using Elerein scrubber dryer. Send us your inquiries today!

Scrubber Dryer

A scrubber dryer is a motorized machine designed for efficient cleaning and vacuuming of floor surface in a single pass. The floor is cleaned by the scrubbing pads or brushes then dry up the floor at the same time.

Why Buy Scrubber Dryer

  1. Scrubber dryer saves a lot of time because with one pass, the floor is already cleaned and dry. It helps to reduce the time in cleaning busy areas that require regular cleaning.
  2. Provides consistent results throughout the floor when cleaning. This makes every part of the floor to be thoroughly cleaned without leaving out dirt in some areas.
  3. Scrubber dryer makes the floor free from moisture even though it was cleaned with water. Drying floors reduces accidental slips when the floor is used immediately after cleaning.
  4. The machine has long term cost benefit because the reduced labor cost when using it. Scrubber dryer performs two functions in one machine that only needs one operator for it function.
  5. It is capable to perform on different types of floors such as concrete, tile. Marble, vinyl and hardwood floors.
  6. Offers high performance when cleaning due to its ability to efficiently agitate the surface by loosening stains, dirt and debris from the floor.
Scrubber Dryer
Scrubber Dryer

Scrubber Dryer Parts &Components

Scrubber dryer has several components and parts that are well put together to work as one machine that facilitates the floor cleaning and drying. Some of the key parts of a scrubber dryer include:

Pads or Brushes

They are usually attached at the bottom of the machine to rotate as it cleans the surface. Pads and brushes come in different types depending on the level of abrasiveness. Selecting them varies according to the type of floor and the amount of dirt to be removed.


Squeegee is usually position at the back of the machine and its primary function is to dry the surface by collecting the water with the loose dirt. It is equipped with rubber blades that are pressed against the floor to ensure all the water is collected.

Recovery Tank

This is where the collected dirt Is stored for later disposal. Recovery tank is located behind the brush holder and its size usually vary depending on the size of the machine.

Solution Tank

A solution tank is where the mixture of cleaning chemicals is filled for ready distribution to the floor when cleaning. The machine regulates the amount of water distributed to the floor so that water may not be wasted.

Vacuum System

A very important part of a scrubber dryer that suck up the dirty water collected by the squeegee. The dirt and the water are directed to the recovery tank with a filtration system that separates water from debris.


Motor of a scrubber dryer is one of the major components that provides power for the machine to do its function. It helps in powering the rotation of pads or brushes by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy.


Scrubber dryer has wheels to help maneuvering spaces and transportation of the machine from one place to another.

Control Panel

It is located below the handle of the machine and contains all the control settings of the machine. That is a place where all the adjustment of the machine settings is done to the required type of cleaning.

Scrubber Dryer Components
Scrubber Dryer Components

How Floor Scrubber and Drying Machine Works

Preparation of the machine is done first by removing any obstacles or debris that may cause interference to a scrubber dryer machine. The solution tank is filled with the required chemical that is also prepared. The settings are set right by the operator to be ready to start working.

Some of the setting entails; rate of the solution flow, brush or pad pressure and speed and also lowering down the squeegee and the brush.

As the scrubber dryer machine moves forward, continuous flow of cleaning solution is distributed to the brushes. Agitation of the surface is done by the rotating brushes removing dirt and stains. Dirt is then collected and vacuumed into the recovery tank leaving the floor dry.

Types of Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine

Scrubber dryer has various types designed for different places and type of cleaning task. Some of the known types of floor scrubber dryer machine include:

Commercial Scrubber Dryer/ Industrial Floor Scrubber dryer

It is a floor cleaning tool designed for heavy duty tasks and in huge spaces that require regular cleaning. This type of spaces are usually high traffic places like the productions industries, airports, warehouses, shopping malls and hospitals.

Commercial Scrubber Dryer
Commercial Scrubber Dryer

Compact Scrubber Dryer/ Mini Scrubber Dryer/Micro Scrubber Dryer.

Small scrubber dryer designed to clean spaces that are congested where the bigger types cannot access. This type of scrubber dryer is usually light in weight thus easy to transport around and carry them.

Compact Scrubber Dryer
Compact Scrubber Dryer

Battery Powered Floor Scrubber Dryer/ Cordless Scrubber Dryer

This a scrubber dryer that uses stored battery energy for it to operate and it is recharged when the power is low. This type of machine works without a power cord connection to the supply.

Battery Powered Floor Scrubber Dryer
Battery Powered Floor Scrubber Dryer

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

This is a type of scrubber dryer where an operator guides the machine while accompanying it from the rear. The machine cleans as it moves forward, the operator controls the settings while moving along with the machine. it is designed for both small tasks and medium range tasks.

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer
Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Ride on Scrubber Dryer

A larger scrubber dryer machine that comes with a control steering and a seat for the operator to use while maneuvering. This type often has powerful motors and big solution tank that enables it to work for longer time.

Ride on Scrubber Dryer
Ride on Scrubber Dryer

Robotic Scrubber Dryer

A scrubber dryer that operate independently without human control when performing its functions. It has sensors and cameras to help it move around a space. The best consideration for regular repetitive cleaning tasks

Robotic Scrubber Dryer
Robotic Scrubber Dryer

Factors Affecting Scrubber Dryer Machine Price

Power and Performance

The amount of power a scrubber dryer has, will determine its performance and also pricing. High power type will always be chosen for heavy duty jobs hence they will be more expensive.

Size of The Scrubber Dryer Machine

The size of the machine in terms of width and the area coverage it can take with one pass will impact on the price. Big machines will have higher capacity solution tanks and recovery tank that will take time to end cleaning session. It can also cover a large area within a short period of time will be more expensive than the smaller model.

Type of Technology

A scrubber dryer with advanced technology features will be more expensive. For example, robotic scrubber dryer that comes with a lot of technology systems will be more expensive than an average floor scrubber dryer.

Build Quality

The build quality type will determine whether the machine is going to last long or not. The pricing of the machine will be highly dictated through this factor. Machine with best build quality will always be highly priced considering that the material used for its production and a good brand reputation.

Additional Features

Number of features a machine has will determine the option of users which will influence on the pricing. Scrubber dryer with more features for instance, programmable settings and specialized brushes will make the user to customize cleaning settings for a particular task. The machine will be high priced compared to basic models.

Where to Use Floor Scrubber and Dryer Machine

This is a versatile machine that can work on different settings such as:

  • Commercial spaces like office building, supermarket and shopping malls
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial spaces such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing companies.
  • Healthcare facilities ranging from clinics to hospitals
  • Food service areas including hotels, cafes and bars
  • Educational institutions like universities, schools and collages
  • Transportation facilities like train station and airports

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A scrubber dryer machine is typically a good choice for anyone looking for a time efficient, reliable and deep cleaning equipment. Having those two functionalities in one machine, it contributes majorly to create aesthetically pleasing environment for people.

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