Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Elerein Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Elerein is your one-stop provider of single disc floor scrubbing machines. It is suitable for cleaning various types of floors, walls, and kitchen. Widely found in the cleaning industry, institutions, workshops, hotels, offices, hospitals, etc. These are manufactured with the latest technology and top-quality parts, heavy-duty motor, and body. Our floor scrubbing machine is a high-performance and long-life machine. It is easy to operate, from deep scrubbing, and buffing, to polishing your floor with utmost ease. These are maintenance-free and hassle-free machines available at the most economical price.

Elerein promises to deliver the ideal single disc floor machine whether you’ll be using it on hard surfaces or textile floor covering. We keep equipment in stock for both specialist and general use.

Elerein focuses on manufacturing various types of floor scrubbing machines. We are your improving company based in China. Also, Elerein has 18 warehouses for your safe storing order and materials. Trust Elerein now!

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Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Single disc floor scrubber is a floor cleaning machine that has one rotating disc at the bottom of the machine. This floor scrubber machine is commonly used on small fixed spaces for regular cleaning purpose such as homes and small business.

Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine
Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Advantages of Single Disc Floor Scrubber

  • It is a flexible machine when comes to performing different functions like scrubbing a floor and polishing it when needed.
  • Single disc floor scrubber can be used on variety of floors including concrete, tiles and hardwood floors. As a consequence of that, it is preferred as good choice when selecting a machine for deep cleaning and maintenance of floors.
  • Reduce labor force that is essential for regular cleaning every day by the amount of time reduced by the machine. The cost budget for cleaning reduces compared to using the traditional way of cleaning.
  • This machine offers the same cleaning outcomes throughout the floor when cleaning. By doing this, it ensures there is no dirt left behind on any section of the surface.
  • Designed to do an effective deep cleaning by loosening any stains, dirt and debris from the floor.

How Single Disc Floor Scrubber Works

This machine comes with guidelines to follow in order to reduce any possible accidents to occur. Before using a single disc floor scrubber, it needs to be prepared fully in order to perform its function well. Some of the preparations are like:

  • Confirmation of the cord if it works or having any damages.
  • Fitting a pad or brush depending on the type of floor you are working on.
  • Plugging it to the power source.
  • Filling the solution tank.
  • Removing any obstacles on the floor before cleaning.
  • Adjusting the machine in a position where it is easy to use.
  • Doing a test run before starting the actual cleaning.

The machine is controlled by raising and lowering of the handle which results to a side way movement of the machine. Raising it up makes the machine to move to the right while lowering it down it moves to the left.

Leaver on the left is used to control the solution tank which helps in distribution of solution to the surface. As the machine scrubs, an operator can control the speed of the machine. Single disc floor scrubber machine comes with wheels that makes it easy to move it around when it is not cleaning.

Single Disc vs Double Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Design Features

A single disc floor scrubber machine is made to only accommodate one rotary brush or pad while a double disc has two of them.

Amount of Power

A double disc floor scrubber has more power to rotate the two brushes or pads compared to the single disc model.

Cleaning Area Coverage

A double disc floor scrubber covers a large area with one pass hence making it fast to complete the work. A single disk floor scrubber on the other hand, it depends with size of the pad or brush diameter to cover a cleaning surface.

Handling Capability

It requires more energy and skills to operate a double disc floor scrubber compared to a single disc floor scrubber which requires less experience.

Double Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine
Double Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Considerations when Choosing Best Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine.

Type of Disc and Features

A disc is a rotating pad or brush that is fitted below the disc holder of the machine.

Considering the type of disc will determine the type of work that is going to be done. The two most common disk used are:

Polypropylene Brush Disc

This type of disc is designed with harsh materials to handle tough cleaning work like on hard floors to remove hard sticky wax and dirt.

Nylon Brush Disc

The nylon disc is less abrasive materials that is made to do light cleaning job. Hence, it is recommended to work on polished surfaces like vinyl and hardwood floors.

Single Disc Machine Pads

Polishing Pads

Pads that are made to maintain a floor smooth and shine look. They have a smooth texture that allows it to polish without damaging the floor

Scrubbing Pads

They are designed with abrasive materials that helps to performs a good work in loosening dirt and removal of stains on the floor

Stripping Pad

This type of pad has more abrasive feature than the scrubbing pads made to remove sticky wax or stains on the surface.

Diamond Pads

Diamond pads are commonly used on tough floors like concrete surfaces to smoothen since they have the small diamonds particles in them.

Single Disc Machine RPM

This refers to the amount of speed of a disc can rotate per minute. A single disc floor scrubber has an RPM of about 140 to 400 rotation per minute

Suction System

Motor Capacity

The amount of power a motor has will determine how fast and the amount of work is going to be done. Higher capacity motor is usually powerful and heavier thus made for more heavy duty cleaning. Low capacity motor on the other hand, makes the machine lighter and easy to move around tight spaces.


Getting a single disc floor scrubber machine having controls that are easy to learn how they function. This makes it able for anyone to operate the machine without wasting time while trying to learn.

Source of Power

Considering a machine that depends on source of energy that is available in the place you are going to work. Battery operated model can work in open places that don’t have a power supply like walking pavements and concrete driveways. Electric operated model is more suitable to work indoors.

Electric Single Disc Floor Scrubber

Electric powered single disc floor scrubber depends on electric supply to operate and has to be connected to a power source with a cord when operating hence operating within the cord limits. This is the most common type of a single disc floor scrubber

Battery Operated Single Disc Floor Scrubber

The battery powered single disc floor scrubber has stored energy that is used during the cleaning process until it requires a recharge. This model offers more flexibility when working since it has no limit of movement in different areas

Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine Price

Purchasing a single disc floor scrubber machine will depend on different factors. For instance, the location of the manufacture, region you are located and the amount of tax you will pay by acquiring one.

Basic models prices start at $200 to $400 while the high end models are from $700 to $1300


There are very many floor cleanings machines and the single disc machine is one of them. It helps to maintain a good environment by cleaning floors especially in domestic settings where people spend more time of their lives

To achieve an effective best cleaning result using a single disc floor scrubber, it is important to confirm with the guidelines of the manufacture of the model on exact features the machine has.

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