Top 10 Floor Buffer


Elerein floor buffer is a versatile in-floor cleaning tool. Designed with alternative attachments such as pads and cords. Adjustable and folding handles to save space for storage. Helps provide spotless ground and minimize dust.


Oreck floor buffer is offer impressive services over time. Commonly cleans hard floors like wood and tile. Used to remove all dirt from commercial and industrial spaces. Designed with simple fingertip control.


Koblenz floor buffer is a powerful and simple to use cleaning tool. Accessible in many types and functions. Designed with safety switches, easier controls, and a locking mechanism. Characterizes odor control and are flexible structures.


Vmai floor buffers consist of dual motors, cordless, water sprayers, and LED lights. Characterize removable and washable mops, different sizes of water tanks, and adjustable handles. Applicable to any type of flooring and space.


Powr-Flite floor buffers is a durable and powerful cleaning machine. Offers long hours of performance that provide spotless flooring and shiny tile. Designed with a high-performance battery, effective pads, and other attachments.


Viper floor buffer is easier to use and is flexible for large areas. Performs all types of flooring for drying and loosening dirt. Easier to attach and remove washable microfiber pads. Appreciated for having certified quality and finest performance.


Mercury floor buffer is provided an excellent global care solution. Designed with a flexible pad driver and thumb power safety control. Offers high-performance Built to last cleaning machines. A compact floor machine that dries the floor instantly.


Karchers floor buffer can save space for storage. Compact and easier-to-fold cleaning machines. Maintain the flooring appearance and protects from cracks, moisture damage, and dust. Characterizes anti-scratch rubber wheels and flexible designs.


Prolux Core floor buffer is an anti-bacterial cleaning tool. Designed to kill 99% of airborne bacteria and small particles. Provides excellent protection from possible hazards. Suitable for large areas and small spaces like locker rooms, offices, stores, etc.


Ewbank floor buffers are versatile machines for quick and easy dry-cleaning surfaces. Provide a comfortable environment and restore the former glory of the floor. Offers many choices and sizes.

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