Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Elerein Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Elerein manufactures walk-behind floor scrubbers that are suitable for different floor materials such as ceramic tile floors, concrete floors, and more. These are mainly used for different applications including airports, gyms, warehouses, etc. Our walk-behind scrubbers are designed with adjustable handles, semi-automatic type, quick assembly squeegee design, and so on.

Elerein offers walk-behind floor scrubbers using our in-house production and assembly line to ensure that we offer affordable prices. Aside from that, Elerein has professional engineers and an R&D team that works in our factory. Rest assured that we can offer excellent customization services to meet your requirements.

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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Walk behind floor scrubbers also known as the pedestrian or push scrubber-dryers, work by users pushing them from behind. Users stand behind these scrubbers and hold the handle, guide the machine to clean all areas.

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber


  • Affordable compared ride on floor scrubber
  • Designed to save water and cleaning detergents
  • Cleans faster than handheld floor scrubber
  • Increases productivity when used compared to cleaning manually.
  • Work very well when used to clean areas or places with inclines like ramps compared to ride-on scrubbers.

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Parts

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbing Machine

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbing Machine

The main parts of walk behind floor scrubbers are:

  • Handle – They are designed to help users in moving the machine. To move the floor scrubbing machine, you will hold the handle then push the machine around on the floor.
  • Traction control – Makes movement very easy while cleaning. You can easily control the machine’s speeds and various movement across the floor. Additionally, user will not be fatigued.

Apart from these, just like other floor scrubbing machines, it has other parts such as brush skirt or brush plate, brush disc motor, sewage box, clean water tank inlet, clean water tank, rear mount drain hoses, tires, recovery tanks, solution tanks and fresh water tank

How to Use a Walk behind Floor Scrubber

Filling the tanks – Clean water and cleaning solution tanks are filled to the right levels.

Machine setup – Depending on floor type, fix an appropriate scrub head. You should ensure there is access to electricity or battery is fully charged.

Floor scrubbing or cleaning process – As the machine is pushed, the right cleaning solution is well distributed to the floor. Brushes use this solution to clean the floor as users push machine forward.

NB: Area to be cleaned is swept before the process begins.

Types of Walk behind Floor Scrubber

Floor Scrubber Machines

Floor Scrubber Machines

Walk Behind Commercial Floor Scrubber

These types are used mostly for large scrubbing and cleaning spaces like garages, warehouses, companies, and other janitorial purposes.

Battery Operated Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Battery operated types operate mainly on batteries. So, they come with connection ports for charging. They require charging to their full capacity before used. Also, batteries can be changed when needed.

Mostly these battery-operated floor scrubbers are designed to work for some hours based on the charging provided. When charged fully, it can be used even when there is no light. Different brands and models come with different charging and working hours.

Walk Behind Electric Floor Scrubber

This type comes with electrical cable that is connected to a main switch before it can be turned on and used. This means, it can clean to the point where the electrical cable ends. This is why different length cables for electrical connections are provided. Also, without electricity, this floor scrubber cannot be used.

Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber

The automatic walk behind type works mainly through its control panels. So, the user sets its up and programs it. These types are able to detect when battery is low, when the machine is about to go off, increase speed, decrease speed, rotate, and more.


  • Clean and disinfect.
  • Walk behind floor scrubber for concrete – choose a suitable scrubber for cleaning concrete.
  • Used to clean tiled floors – ensure the right type is chosen.

Appreciating the use of this cleaning device is easy when you know its offerings. With this guide, the right information is given.

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