Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Elerein Warehouse Floor Cleaner

To help you keep your warehouse in great shape, Elerein supplies a wide selection of warehouse floor cleaners such as floor polishers, floor sweepers, and scrubber dryers. These tools can quickly and effectively clean any surface in a warehouse. It delivers smooth, spotless, and secure surfaces that reduce the chance of accidents brought on by sloppy cleaning. For operating settings, it has a smart menu and an intelligent touch button. All types of floors, including tile, vinyl, sealed wood floors, marble, concrete, etc., can be cleaned with our warehouse floor cleaners. These machines are simple to use when navigating through confined spaces, such as dead ends and other obstacles.

Whether you need a high-quality warehouse floor cleaner for your business or project, Elerein can provide all your requirements.

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Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Warehouse floor cleaners are floor scrubbers specifically designed for use in cleaning large warehouses. They are designed for easy maneuverability in reaching all the isles and all types of warehouse floor plans and layouts.

Furthermore, they are of large capacity because they are used in heavy-duty cleaning and scrubbing of the warehouse.

Warehouse Floor Cleaner
Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Types of Warehouse Floor Cleaner

· Walk-Behind Warehouse Floor Cleaner

A simple-to-operate floor cleaner where the operator controls it from behind. Ideal for hard-to-reach spots and tight corners.

Walk Behind Warehouse Floor Scrubber
Walk Behind Warehouse Floor Scrubber

· Stand-On Warehouse Floor Cleaner

The operator stands on the warehouse floor cleaner during operation making it to maneuver tight aisles.

· Robotic Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Robotic warehouse cleaner is controlled remotely. Very ideal for operations where the operator cannot reach.

Robotic Warehouse Floor Cleaner
Robotic Warehouse Floor Cleaner

· Ride on Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Most common in large warehouses. The operator seats on the warehouse floor cleaner and uses a control panel in cleaning and scrubbing floors.

Ride on Warehouse Floor Cleaner
Ride on Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Suitable Brush Heads for Warehouse Floor Scrubber

· Cylindrical Brush Heads

Cylindrical roller brushes for warehouse floor scrubbers are ideal for extensive thorough cleaning. They are ideal for warehouses that have heavy traffic and hold high contaminants.

Cylindrical brush heads have a characteristically high speed and contact pressure that is ideal for coarse dirt cleaning. This makes it ideal for not needing prior cleaning.

Cylindrical Brush Head
Cylindrical Brush Head

· Disc Brush Heads

Disc brush heads on the other hand are ideal for routine cleaning that does not require high pressure levels. If you want day-to-day cleaning of the warehouse, these are the go-to brush heads.

Disc Brush Head
Disc Brush Head

Energy Sources for Warehouse Floor Cleaner

Some of the energy sources for your warehouse floor cleaner include:

·Battery Powered

Battery-powered warehouse floor cleaners use lithium rechargeable batteries. They are quiet and efficient in terms of environmental friendliness.

Battery-powered warehouse floor cleaners are ideal for large warehouses because maneuvering them over large floor areas is efficient and involves low noise distractions.

· Corded

Corded warehouse floor cleaners use is attached to an electricity source by a long code. They are not very efficient because of the limited cleaning distance due to the cord length. This type of warehouse floor cleaner is ideal for small warehouses with few obstructions.

· Engine Driven

Engine-driven warehouse floor scrubbers utilize either lithium rechargeable batteries, propane, gasoline, or diesel for propulsion. Propane and lithium rechargeable batteries are regarded as sources of clean energy and thus more preferred for use by warehouse floor cleaner operators.

Gasoline and diesel-powered combustion engines are being slowly faced out due to their emission of greenhouse gases. These gasses are harmful to the environment.

New Trends for Warehouse Floor Cleaners

The future of warehouse floor cleaning is eco-friendly power sources and autonomous cleaning. Research is being done on that front and many of the new warehouse floor cleaners are slowly incorporating the technology.

For all your warehouse floor cleaning accessories, contact Elerein now.

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