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We manufacture waste dustbins that are a functional container to store and collect garbage or trash. Thus, keeping the environment healthy, safe, and clean to live in. Using the right dustbins can provide benefits to both environment and human development.

As a professional manufacturer, Elerein understands the importance of waste management. Thus, we offer a wide range of solution including household bins, roadside bins, and more. Each bin is designed to fit different applications including public areas or offices.

Investing in Elerien waste dustbins promotes sustainability. With its eco-friendly designs, it can greatly contribute to waste reduction.

At Elerein, you can find the broadest waste dustbin selection. You can choose sizes from 10L up to 1100L. With its high-capacity rating, these dustbins are perfect for industrial settings. Different color options are also available to meet your needs. Send us your inquiries today!

Materials Used for Trash Bin Production

Plastic. We use UV-stabilized LDPE and HDPE to ensure durability, aesthetic, and longevity.

Metal. Elerein commonly used different stainless steel grades including 316 and 304.

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Waste Dustbin

A waste dustbin refers to a container used to hold unwanted materials temporally before being taken for disposal. Waste dustbins can either be plastic or metallic depending on the business working environment.

Sizes, colors, and where to use are some of the considerations to factor in when acquiring a waste dustbin.

Waste Dustbin
Waste Dustbin

Where to Use Waste Dustbin

The waste material dustbin is an essential piece of equipment for our surrounding both indoors and outdoors. Waste dustbins are used in the;

Health facilities: health facilities use waste dustbins to store different medical waste to prevent contamination.

Outdoor gardens: these are common places that are visited for leisure such as public gardens. It’s important to have a waste dustbin to avoid spillage of waste all over which can result in bad odor or contamination. These places will always have a wet and dry waste dustbin.

Kitchens: waste coming from the kitchen is different, we have biodegradable, recyclable waste also unrecyclable. For a clean, safe, and healthy kitchen consider having a waste dustbin to hold all these different wastes.

Types of Dustbins for Waste

The following are the various available waste dustbin. They include;

Different Colors of Waste Dustbin
Different Colors of Waste Dustbin
  • Dustbin for Kitchen Waste: These types of waste dustbin are used to hold all kitchen waste. More so, it’s possible to have both wet and dry kitchen waste dustbins to aid the separation of waste.
  • Automatic Waste Segregation Dustbin: This waste dustbin is capable of separating wet and dry waste automatically with the help of sensors.
  • Biomedical Waste Dustbin: this type of waste dustbin is used to hold used medical apparatus such needles, and gloves among others. Different colors of the biomedical waste dustbin hold specific medical waste.
  • Dry and Wet Waste Dustbin: this type of waste dustbin is ideal for separating wet garbage from dry ones. Fruits and food leftovers are some of the waste that goes into a wet waste dustbin while cartons and papers go into the dry waste dustbin.
  • Biodegradable Waste Dustbin: biodegradable waste dustbin holds waste that easily decomposes when thrown into a dump site. For instance, you can place vegetables or fruits in this waste dustbin. It’s normally green in color.

Best Materials for Waste Dustbin

Over time, there is an increase in demand for plastic waste dustbins to be used in different environments such as organizations, hotels, and hospitals among others. Plastic is lighter, durable, and sustainable through recycling.

The most ideal plastic used in making waste dustbins is polypropylene plastic. This type of plastic is recyclable and has significantly less environmental effects.

Factors to Consider in Waste Dustbin

It’s important to put into consideration some factors before acquiring a waste dustbin for the kind of environment you need it for. Some of these factors include;

  • Size of the waste dustbin: it’s important to consider the size of the waste dustbin when acquiring one. Waste dustbin comes in different sizes depending on where you intend to use it. Choosing a large waste dustbin will continuously save you from frequent emptying of your waste unlike using a smaller waste dustbin.
  • Durability: it’s important to consider the serviceability of the waste dustbin. A good waste dustbin should last you long enough without having to replace it due to breakage.
  • Waste dustbin material: materials used in making waste dustbins should be a major consideration. The waste dustbin can be either plastic or metallic depending on the use of the waste dustbin. For instance, a waste dustbin made of plastic is light which may result in early wearing of the waste dustbin. Its therefore important to check out the type of material used in making the waste dustbin as it will save on frequent buying.
  • Design: the design of the waste dustbin is another factor to consider especially for large operating businesses. A waste dustbin with wheels is ideal and easy to use rather than lifting a whole waste dustbin full of garbage.

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Waste management is an essential aspect if you want to keep your surrounding clean and safe. With the availability of more advanced waste dustbins such as the automatic segregation waste dustbin, it becomes easier. The waste dustbin can also be customized to fit your considerations.

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